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How To Rig Your Kitchen To Force Yourself To Eat More Healthfully

 We all know that we need to eat more healthfully, but hardly any of us actually do. Many times, we tell ourselves stories that our diet is great and that we won’t get sick like other people, but a lot of that is wishful thinking. We tend to overestimate our own health, while underestimating that of other people. 

One of the ways around this is to rig your kitchen for healthy eating. This involves finding ways to reduce resistance to eating well and discourage poor food choices. 

But what, exactly, can you do? Let’s take a look. 

Buy Meal Boxes

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Instead of going to the grocery store every week to do your food shopping, try buying meal boxes instead. With these, you get all the ingredients that you need, and nothing extra. They won’t send you bags of cookies or donuts to tempt you (something that you can easily grab off a shelf in Walmart). Instead, they force you to eat proper meals, no matter what. 

Get A Chopping Board With Attached Containers

It’s easy to get jealous when you see TV chefs with pre-chopped ingredients just ready and waiting to go into their dishes. They make it all seem so simple. 

Of course, when you're in a regular kitchen environment, it’s nothing like that. You’re chopping and cooking at the same time, causing you to rush, feel stressed and get anxious. 

The trick here is to buy a chopping board with attached containers. These are helpful because they allow you to clear away the item that you’ve just chopped without having to throw it in the pan, making space for the next one. 

Get A Vegetable Drawer

To be healthy, we all need to eat vegetables. And however much we collectively dislike that fact, it’s true. 

The best way to motivate yourself is to make eating veggies a celebratory experience. Instead of just throwing them in the refrigerator and forgetting about them, get a refrigerated vegetable drawer instead close to where you prepare food. This way, you can pluck items fresh every time before you cook them.

Invest In Your Kitchen Worktops

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Preparing healthy food requires a lot of chopping. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest more in your kitchen worktops. This way, you have plenty of space to prepare your ingredients before you begin cooking. 

To get a sense of what you’re going for, it can be helpful to flick through a kitchen remodel gallery. These show you just how much space you can create, particularly if you have a kitchen island. 

Only Keep Fruit, Nuts And Nut Butters As Snacks

From time to time, you’ll get peckish and need a snack. When this happens, make sure that you have plenty of fruit, nuts and nut butters ready to go. These foods are effective at replacing the high-sugar, high-fat junk food that plagues our kitchens while also offering satiety, thanks to all the nutrients and fiber they contain. 

In summary, rigging your kitchen for healthy living is easier than you might think. As always, prevention is better than cure.

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