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5 Lifestyle Tips for a Newly Married Couple

 You’ve walked down the aisle and are officially married. Now that the special day you’ve just shared with your spouse has passed, you’re entering the newlywed season. This time in your life will be filled with many emotions ranging from excitement to confusion. Let yourself experience these emotions to help create a greater connection with your spouse. Don’t beat yourself up for how you feel during this next year; blending two individual lifestyles together into one isn’t an easy task. Here are five tips that’ll help you and your spouse navigate this new chapter in your life.

Communicate Often

It’s no secret that a healthy relationship develops through honest communication. When blending two lifestyles together, this becomes even more crucial for a lasting relationship. Becoming comfortable communicating with one another and developing a strong level of trust ensures that you’ll be able to share opinions and feelings about different topics with each other. Brush up on your compromising skills, as this will help to deter a long-term argument from happening. The new life you’re creating with one another is just as much yours as it is your spouse's, meaning both of you should have the opportunity to voice your own opinions. Remembering to be understanding of an opposing viewpoint will help your marriage in the long run.

Discuss Money

Now that you’ve blended your lifestyles together, it’s important to talk to your spouse about finances. This conversation can be dreaded but definitely needs to happen. Couples have the option to establish a joint account, maintain separate accounts, or a combination of both. Whichever option you both choose, establishing a budget still remains a top priority. Take time to sit down together and have a detailed conversation about one another’s financial goals. A common goal among all newly married couples is purchasing your first home together. Before you begin house hunting, look into how to get a mortgage preapproval. Becoming aware of how much mortgage you can take out is beneficial in narrowing down options that aren’t within your current budget. Creating a financial plan allows the two of you to live your desired lifestyle, risk-free.

Spend Quality Time Together

Your time spent together on your honeymoon isn’t matched to the time you’ll have together throughout your regular day. Nothing can compare to a week of memories filled with devoted attention to one another without any unnecessary distractions. Unfortunately, that week can’t last forever and now you’re back to your regular routine. This may have you feeling discouraged about the amount of quality time you’ll have to spend with each other. In order to combat this, set aside time throughout your day to spend together whether it be your weekly grocery shopping, going for a walk, or watching a favorite TV show. Quality time isn’t defined by quantity, so don’t feel stressed when you’re not able to devote several hours to your spouse. As long as you’re both putting in the effort to set aside time to spend with one another, your connection as a married couple will deepen.

Establish a Chore Routine

When you begin cohabitating with another individual, messes are bound to occur and nobody truly enjoys taking on a long list of chores at the end of a work day. To avoid placing this responsibility on just one person, sit down with one another and determine who will be in charge of each responsibility. Maybe one of you prefers to vacuum while the other prefers to do the dishes. Learning each other’s likes and dislikes when it comes to cleaning can help you create a chore list to ensure your household doesn’t turn upside down from the build-up of messes. Hold each other accountable for the responsibilities you’ve both agreed to. Consider adding ‘clean up time’ to the daily routine you’ll share as newlyweds to help make the rather boring cleaning tasks more enjoyable by spending time together.

Maintain Your Social Lifestyle

Being married doesn’t mean you have to forgo your entire social life. Spending quality time with one another is important in maintaining a healthy relationship, but spending time with your friends and family is just as important. The newlywed season is supposed to be fun, so don’t feel obligated to limit your time to just your spouse. Consider planning a dinner date with your friends while your spouse is golfing with his friends. Better yet, having friends that are also in relationships allows for everyone to partake in a large group date. Maintaining a balanced social life will only help to improve your quality of life and relationships in the long run.


Navigating through this new chapter of life may be hard at times. Don’t become discouraged by the emotions you’re feeling. To recall the five tips that will help you and your spouse fully enjoy the newlywed season; communication, establishing a budget, quality time, a chore chart, and maintaining a social lifestyle.

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