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5 Reasons Why Trikes Are Good for Men & Women

 Cycling is one of the best low-impact exercises for people of all ages. Unfortunately, many people avoid bicycling because of anxiety or mobility issues. A three wheel tricycle for adults can help mitigate some cycling anxiety and increase access to healthy activity. Experts suggest there are five benefits to purchasing trikes over bicycles.

1. Great for All Body Types

Tricycles are growing in popularity for all ages and body types. Manufacturers are beginning to meet the demands of various riders. For instance, you can now find three-wheeled options for tall, short, big, and little riders.

The key differences in the bicycles are frame design and wheel height. Bikes for heavier riders use sturdier materials for construction, and trikes for taller riders typically use taller wheels or tires.

2. Trendy Style for All Genders and Ages

Today, tricycles for adults come in various designs to satisfy all ages and genders. You can find classic trikes with wicker baskets and pastel colors or those with darker tones and wire mesh storage solutions. Some trikes come with trailers and other accessories, meaning the bikes are versatile and capable.

It is not uncommon to see delivery drivers for businesses in big cities transporting goods from one location to the next riding tricycles. Also, many sidewalk vendors use work trikes with built-in storage or coolers. Tricycles have come a long way in recent years and can suit riders from all backgrounds.

3. Comfortable

A significant selling point of adult tricycles is comfort. Unlike mountain bikes and other common city bikes, trikes allow the rider to sit upright. Many tricycles include backrests, giving the rider unprecedented support. Also, the cycle maintains balance, meaning the rider can relax while riding, resulting in less tension.

4. Stable

A standard or hybrid trike is more stable than a traditional bicycle. The rider does not need to balance their weight on the bike because the three wheels provide consistent stability. Because the bike is self-balancing, it reduces the likelihood of spills, meaning trikes are a safer option for cautious or fragile riders.

5. Suitable for Nervous and Aging Riders

Many people avoid riding a bike because they are afraid of crashing, spilling, or falling. A trike eliminates the concern, allowing anxious riders the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and fun activity.

Also, trikes come in open-frame designs, allowing access to people with mobility or flexibility issues. Senior citizens can benefit greatly from adult tricycles. Also, if a rider purchases a hybrid or electric model, they can feel confident traveling with family or grandkids, no longer having to worry if they have the stamina to keep up.

Adult trikes are fashionable these days. The bikes are convenient, affordable and provide more storage than a standard bicycle, making them great additions to day and weekend trips.

Do you think an adult tricycle is the right bike for you? Visit a local bike shop and talk to an expert. Try a few floor models before committing to a purchase. If you're like many others, you will be smitten with a modern trike's classic and fun design.

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