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How to Avoid Garden Design Degradation Over Time

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We’ve all been there. Purchasing a great set of garden furniture, perhaps some sporting equipment like a soccer goal set or basketball hoop for your children, and even fixtures like a water feature or hot tub. Then, after a year or so of disuse, we can find that the condition of these items are much-degraded.

This can make us feel that an entire reset is needed, and so as we purchase new garden furniture we swear that this won’t happen again. But it can, and often does. The truth is that anything you place outside will clearly be exposed to the elements, and so it takes a worthwhile amount of care to preserve those possessions correctly - keeping their aesthetic value and functional condition alive.

However, it’s also true that you shouldn’t have to spend every weekend restoring your outdoor furniture, or spending too much on preservation measures to the point where replacing these items every years makes more sense from a financial perspective.

Without further ado, please consider the following advice:

Trim The Hedges & Keep The Grass In Good Condition

It’s good to trim the hedgesgar properly (except not in bird nesting season, or at least after you’ve noticed life after a vigorous shake), as well as to keep the grass of your property in as best condition as you can. On top of this, making sure the grass is in good condition through watering (provided there’s not a hosepipe ban) and feeding can make a big difference in the long run. For some, laying fresh turf can be a worthwhile option, especially if removing garden furniture that has remained static for some time.

Maintain Your Garden Furniture

It’s important to maintain your garden furniture as best you can. This will often mean varnishing, or even sanding the wood down should it be in poor condition. Fixing lopsided legs can be achieved by refitting joints and glueing them in a secure location on your workbench. On top of that, a worthwhile tarpaulin, covered properly and secured, can protect from the intensity of the winter weather conditions. It can be even better to bring the furniture inside, for instance, if you can stack some of your outside chairs within your larger outside shed, all you have to worry about is cleaning when spring comes back around.

Protect & Clean Your Water Fixtures

It’s also good to protect and clean your water fixtures where you can. This is often where power washing comes in, as removing years of dirt and exposure to the elements can take more than a simple wipe down. Pressure washing services can also cut through grime elsewhere, such as on your fences or garden path. Replacing the pump for your water feature, removing leaves from open water, and fixing any leaks that may be present can prevent issues from occurring later. Don’t forget about essential hot tub maintenance services to make sure your larger fixtures are cared for, too.

With this advice, you’re sure to avoid garden design degradation over time, especially in a manner that preserves your investment so this wonderful green space never becomes a money sink.

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