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5 Things to know before you rent your first RV!

 Kicking off adventure trips with a Camper van is the most exciting thing ever. Hanging out with your friends and family and sharing a common compact place with one another indeed brings you closer.

If you are considering an adventure trip with your loved ones in your family, this article is for you to know five important things before you rent your first RV.

  1. Types of RVs and special licenses.

This is the most common question asked about going on an RV trip. People wonder if you need a special license to drive an RV. In all 50 states of America RVs weighing under 26,000 pounds do not require a special license. To speak of RVs, there are two types of categories, they are divided into one, drivable motorhomes, and other is towable ones. 

These categories are further divided into specific categories varying due to different sizes and features. Generally, there are class A, class B, and class C types of RVs. The biggest is the class A RVs, which may resemble the size of coach buses. They range from 13,000-30,000 in weight and 21-41 feet in height.

You might have heard of the name campervans, these are the class B type of RVs. Their smaller size can accommodate fewer people with a compact kitchen and a bathroom. RVs for first-time renters are the best-considered class C types. Frankly, class C provides more space than class B RVs and is easier to handle than class A. 

  1. Campsites booking.

After obtaining an RV your second step includes booking campsites. Compared to hotels, campsites offer a more flexible experience with parking lots, Lake views, big pools, and the luxuries of life. And most importantly, they are highly affordable compared to the hotels. You can also get a weekly or monthly discount by reducing the price and increasing your stay longer.

  1. RVs insurance.

Standard insurance gets covered in the fees you pay when you have an RV. However, there is an option available to allocate additional coverage. RV share policy states that $300,000 are included as standard insurance for comprehensive and collision coverage there whereas $1 million is covered in the liability.

  1. Useful apps to use on a camping adventure.

FreeRoam. A useful app that provides free RV camp locations and overnight parking areas to lessen your burden.

GasBuddy. Want to save money on gas prices GasBuddy is the perfect app for that. You can search brands and types of gas and get the results of the lowest gas prices within seconds.

Coverage. Roaming on the roads is an adventure but one thing that is not is the broken cell services. Coverage provides you a proper track of popular carriers across the United States.

Free zone Wifi. You need to check out this app while traveling to find out 5 million hotspots wandering around the U.S. It will provide you with maps and automatic notifications to reach a range of signals.

  1. The best site for  RV rentals Denver.

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