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What Balloon Colors Look Cool Together?

 Decorating the premises and preparing a pleasant surprise for everyone present is one of the most important things to do before the long-awaited event. Decorating your entire house, hall, room, or backyard with balloons is an amazing idea since it’s easy, quick, and inexpensive, but such decorations guarantee a WOW effect!

The most interesting decorations are those with balloons of different colors, and if you learn how to combine colors correctly, your compositions will instantly draw attention and create a mood.

But how to combine different shades to create the most successful combinations for your celebration? What color is the best match for a bouquet made of these brand new navy blue balloons, what shades will work best with the yellow balloons in a garland, and what colors can you add to your silver balloon arch?

We have picked up the best aero designers’ tips and will share with you the most successful and trendy balloon color combinations of 2022!

Top 22 Balloon Color Combinations

1.                   White balloons are versatile and go well with balloons of any other color. White & Gold, White & Red, White & Blue, or White & Green combinations always look perfect and suit any celebration, from prom parties to weddings. Besides, if your centerpieces look too dark and heavy, then adding white balls to them will help you make them lighter and airy. Moreover, white inflatables are the perfect option for dark rooms!

2.                   Gray and Silver balloons also go well with almost all colors, but if you want to create the trendiest combinations, then opt for Blue, Pink, Crimson, Red and Purple. Don’t listen to people who think that gray is a dull color that has nothing to do with celebrations: it can give your d├ęcor very stylish and unexpected combinations, and gray balloons become a powerful tool for those with taste!

3.                   Black balloons are versatile and elegant, and they look good in all color combinations, too. If you want to try something extraordinary, consider mixing your black balloons with Red, Orange, Yellow and Purple items.

4.                   Beige products will help you brighten up the room. They perfectly match with Aquamarine, Red, Blue, Brown and Emerald balloons. It’s needless to say that centerpieces made of balloons of Beige and White colors are the best choice for delicate-styled parties?!

5.                   Pink balloons look good with baby blue, teal, mint, olive and brown balloons — these combinations look tender and sweet, so it’s a good idea to use them at your hen and engagement party, wedding, baby shower celebration, etc.

6.                   Fuchsia (dark shade of pink) items look perfect combined with Lime Green and Mint Green inflatables, as well as with Brown and Tan balls.

7.                   Red balloons make good combinations with Yellow, White, Blue and Black items — try out these bright options for kids’ celebrations, anniversaries, summer pool and garden parties, etc.

8.                   Dark Red balloons are perfectly paired with items of Blue, Mint, and Sandy colors.

9.                   Burgundy balls can be mixed with Light Orange, Sandy, Pale Yellow, Beige, and Azure items. Decorations with predominant Burgundy look stylish and solemn and are perfect for formal events, grad parties and weddings.

10.                Raspberry is one of the most capricious colors that go well only with Gray, White, and other light colors.

11.                Brown balloons perfectly harmonize with Cream, Pink, Beige, Bright Blue, and Green items.

12.                Light Brown products are perfectly combined with Blue, Green, Red, and Purple balls.

13.                Orange balloons help create amazing centerpieces if mixed with Purple, Blue, and Blue counterparts.

14.                Yellow balloons look great with Gray, Purple, Blue, and Light Blue balloons.

15.                Lemon Yellow balloons work well with Blue, Red, and Brown items.

16.                Gold balloons are quite a stylish and festive choice that looks great combined with White, Pink, and Beige balloons, as well as trendy Burgundy inflatables.

17.                Green items pair well with Orange, Cream, and Yellow items.

18.                Light Green balls go well with Dark Green, as well as Dark Blue and Yellow balls.

19.                Turquoise balloons will help you create harmonious festive decorations if you combine them with Dark Purple, Brown, and Cream balloons.

20.                Light Blue balloons look great with Pink, Gray, and Lapis Blue or Cobalt Blue items.

21.                Dark blue balloons make good combinations with blue, red, green, and brown balloons.

22.                Dark Purple inflatables create astounding compositions combined with Lilac, Mint, and Gold balloons.

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    I need to to thank you for this excellent read!!
    I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I have got you bookmarked to look at new things you post…

  2. I'm glad you defended gray helium balloons :) We often use these colors ourselves, but first you have to convince the customer to do so, and that's not easy. It used to be the same with black (it had a bad association with Poles), but now gold and black are the basis for about 40% of our balloon decorations.

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips on balloon color combinations! The detailed descriptions and suggestions for each color are truly helpful. The versatility and elegance of different color pairings highlighted in the post will definitely add a stylish touch to any event. I appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness in recommending unique combinations for various celebrations. Kudos to the author for providing such valuable insights!

  4. Thank you for sharing these top 22 balloon color combinations! Your advice is incredibly helpful for anyone planning decorations for various celebrations. Each combination offers a unique aesthetic and adds a special touch to any event. Your insights on how different colors complement each other are invaluable for creating stunning and memorable decor. I appreciate the effort you've put into compiling these suggestions. They'll undoubtedly inspire creativity and elevate the atmosphere of any occasion.


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