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8 Surprising Things Healthy People Do Every Day

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Being healthy is challenging in today’s world. We live such different lives from our ancestors that it’s hard to know exactly how we should be living.

The good news is that there are role models out there we can emulate. These people seem to have cracked the code of the good life and have an uncanny ability to stay healthy, strong and fit, no matter what challenges life throws at them. 

So what are healthy people doing every day? Let’s take a look. 

They’re Practicing Gratitude

Healthy people practice being grateful for what they have every day. They know that life is challenging: that’s part of the deal. But even if things are hard for them, they remind themselves of all the joys and good things in their lives. When they do this, they feel better about everything, their biochemistry changes, and life suddenly seems much rosier than it was before. 

They Enjoy A Lot Of Leisure Time

Are the healthiest people in your world working all the time? Not usually. In fact, many of them spend much of their days simply taking care of their bodies and looking after themselves. They understand that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and that they don’t need to do everything all at once. 

For this reason, they take their time. They enjoy leisure. And they try to avoid many of the trappings of the material world. If there’s a choice between taking time off work and having the latest smartphone, they take time off. 

They Find Ways To Make Healthy Food Delicious

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Healthy people eat well. But they also pay attention to taste. They know that the taste of a dish is extremely important in determining how much of it they eat. They also understand that food is one of the great pleasures of life. 

Because of this, they look for ways to make healthy food as delicious as possible. They know that if they can make vegetables, beans and fruits taste good, they’ll eat more of them, and their diet will be sustainable. They’re not afraid to experiment with fried okra, bean burritos, cashew cheese, and all of the other healthy substitutes for conventional food. 

They Move Their Bodies Every Day

Healthy people spend a lot of time moving their bodies. They know that movement is a great healer and something that can prevent them from getting the injuries and ailments that affect most people as they get older. 

The amount of physical activity they do is considerable, but they spread it out over the course of the day. They might do yoga in the morning and then go for a walk in the evening with the dog. But notice that they aren’t intense or obsessive about exercise. Rather, they listen to their bodies, trying to figure out what they need.

They Don’t Watch Screens Before Bed

Many people watch screens before bed, reading emails, streaming videos or catching up on the latest news. But this approach isn’t wise. While it might be enjoyable, looking at bright screens before you sleep reduces sleep quality and may lead to insomnia. 

Because of this, healthy people have a policy of avoiding screens before bed. They do other things instead, such as reading books or playing cards. 

They Eat Plenty Of Fiber

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Healthy people also understand the profound benefits of eating a lot of fiber. They know that the more they consume, the better their gut health will be. 

Ancient humans ate a huge amount of fiber, many times more than we consume today. Because of their diets, they didn’t suffer common ailments, such as indigestion, constipation and diverticulitis. Instead, they were healthy throughout their lives and often aged slower than people do today. 

Eating fiber means switching to more beans, whole grains, and vegetables. Try to replace the refined sugars, flours and oils in your diet with healthier alternatives. 

They Are Proactive About Their Risk Factors

Each person’s body is different. We all face different health risks. For some, it’s our hearts. For others, it’s diabetes.

Whatever it is, healthy people are aware of their biological weaknesses and live their lives to counter them. They specifically intervene to reduce their risks and improve their wellbeing long-term. 

They Eat A Lot Of Food In The Morning

Lastly, the healthiest people tend to eat a heavy breakfast. Eating at this time of the day appears to result in the best blood sugar response and may promote longevity. 

Therefore, eat until you are full at breakfast and lunch, and then eat a light meal in the evening, perhaps a soup or salad. 

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