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7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

When it comes to the home, it can definitely use a good facelift, right? Well, one great way to achieve this would be to give your home the hotel experience. There is something so comforting and enchanting about hotels. They are the perfect home away from home. But why not bring that and all the wonderful elements right into your home? Here is everything you need to know about making your home feel like a hotel!

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Make a Statement with Unique Lighting

Nearly every fancy hotel is going to have something in their space, such as the lobby, which will completely make an impact and a statement. A great way to do this would be through a unique lighting feature such as a chandelier.

Get the Look With Curtains & Rugs

Curtains and rugs can be a great way to add personality to a room, and hotels will utilize this. Even something such as custom shutters can instantly make the space feel and look a lot nicer.

Add a Pop of Color With Pillows and Throws on Sofas and Beds

Whether you want something mild or even an eclectic approach, this is the best approach for you! Bright colors can really make a space just pop out! Plus, this is very trendy right now too. However, it’s not something that every hotel does. So think about what you want and what style of hotel you’re hoping to emulate in your home.

Polish the Silverware

For formal dinners or just a regular meal with the family, all hotels will polish their silverware. This is something that you’re going to want to do as well. It just adds this nice elegant touch that can completely enhance your dining experience right at home.

Light That Candle and Turn On the Music

A lot of five-star hotels will feature soft elements that just make the entire space feel more inviting and cozy. So, why not add these exact elements into your space? You can play some soft songs with soft lyrics or maybe some pop songs that will fill the room with upbeat energy. You should also consider using candle light because it creates a softer ambiance compared to regular electric lights.

Keep a Comfortable Temperature

Just think about it, a hotel will always have a comfortable temperature in the space. This is going to be something that you’ll need to do if you want to create that lovely hotel experience right in your home.

Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms are a popular trend in the home design industry. Some people go for the traditional marble and gold bathroom design, while others go for modern, contemporary, or even futuristic-looking bathrooms. This is why it is important to understand what colors and lights will make your bathroom stand out from the rest. Luxury bathroom lights and colors can make the bathroom feel more like a spa. It’s just really all about choosing the right elements. Bright colors, such as yellow and orange, can cause glare and make it difficult for people to relax. On the other hand, soft colors like blue can help people feel more relaxed.

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