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5 Unconventional Cruise Voyages To Spice Up Your Next Vacation

 Cruise vacations are more popular than ever, and they're constantly expanding their voyage offerings. If you and your family are cruise experts and have traveled to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, and even Mexico, you may believe your cruising days are over. Fortunately, there are plenty of options you haven't explored yet. If you want to take your family on a new cruise, check out this list of unique ideas.

1. Pacific Coast 

The Pacific Northwest, California coastline, and sometimes even western Mexico are popular stops on this type of cruise. Check out cruises from San Francisco or Los Angeles, and enjoy the world-class wineries, museums, restaurants, and famous attractions such as the Golden gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign.

If you head farther north, you can see the majestic sequoia trees in northern California, Oregon, and Washington. The many nature excursions are sure to please all of the adventurers in your family–such as kayaking, hiking, and even zip lining. While docked in Seattle, ride 43 floors up to the top of the Space Needle and take in the breathtaking view, and then head to the Pacific Science Center or the Seattle Aquarium for some educational fun.

2. Amazon River

Cruises to South American destinations–such as Argentina, Chile, and Brazil–are pretty popular, yet an Amazon River voyage is unique because it allows you to cruise the interior of the continent. The riverboats will take you through the lush rainforest, where wildlife and plant life are plentiful. Spot rare creatures in their natural habitat while luxuriating on your suite's private balcony. Plus, an Amazon cruise is perfect for those who want to experience a cruise but get easily seasick; the nature of a river cruise is a lot gentler, so count on smooth sailing.

3. Nile River

If you fell in love with river cruises while exploring the Amazon River, you're going to love the Nile. If you have a history buff in the family, do them a favor and take them on this trip! You'll be able to marvel at the pyramids from your luxurious accommodations and then disembark and tour them in person. See other attractions such as the Sphinx and King Tut's tomb while enjoying traditional Egyptian foods and music. Be sure to visit the Museum of Antiquities, which features a whopping 120,000 artifacts representative of ancient Egyptian culture.

4. Antarctica

Antarctica is an ideal cruise destination if there are any science and nature enthusiasts in your group. Generally, these cruises leave from Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Santiago, Chile, and travel to Ushuaia, Argentina–the southernmost city in the world! After Ushuaia, it's time to journey down to Antarctica and observe many species of whales and penguins in their natural habitats. Perhaps you can also try whale watching long beach during winter and spring to witness the annual Grey Whale migration. Another exciting aspect of cruises to Antarctica is that their route changes due to weather conditions and ice. Take walking excursions or explore the coastline and bays via a zodiac boat.

5. Oceana

Oceana is a region containing countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia. All of these countries feature incredible landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and rich history and culture. In Australia, you'll visit attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Aquarium, as well as the Melbourne Skydeck and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Travel on to Aukland, New Zealand, and marvel at the Harbour Bridge and the Aukland Art Gallery. If you're a Lord of the Rings fan, you can tour the gorgeous filming locations featured in the epic film.

In French Polynesia, you'll see the famous Tuamotu Archipeligo, which is the largest chain of atolls (islands made of coral) in the world. You'll also see ancient ruins, volcanoes, and lagoons–making it the perfect destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

Hopefully, one of these destinations ignites a new interest in cruising for you and your family! The world is vast with many places, people, foods, and cultures to experience and explore. If you want to go off the beaten track and explore new corners of the globe, a cruise is a perfect way to see the world in style.

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