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Gardening & Plants: Is It Safe While Pregnant?

 There are so many aspects of your life, and your body, that will change when you are pregnant. Even things that you might not think of as posing any sort of risk can be different when you are carrying a child. Those who love gardening might be surprised to learn that there are some risks associated with pregnant gardening.

Is It Safe to Garden When Pregnant?

Generally, it is safe to garden when pregnant, and there are even some significant benefits, but there are some things to be aware of and even potential risks for you and your baby. If you enjoy gardening then you can keep these risks in mind and continue to work in your garden, if you would rather, it could be a good idea to hire a professional landscape contractor to handle the dangerous aspects of the work. This ensures you have peace of mind.

Risks of Gardening While Pregnant

There are always occasional risks of gardening when pregnant, such as the incorrect use of equipment that can potentially cause injury or even the chance of an allergic reaction. A couple of the crucial risks of gardening while pregnant are:


       Toxoplasmosis, which is considered a risk because of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that is carried in soil, and is sometimes spread by infected cats in their feces. The symptoms for the mum are usually just like the flu, but for babies, it can cause disabilities and blindness.

       Chemicals including insecticides are not safe if you are pregnant and can even impact the child’s brain and nervous system during development.

How to Safely Garden While Pregnant

Here are some of our top tips for staying safe gardening when you are pregnant. Remember, if you are worried at all, you can always get somebody to help you out rather than choose to take any risks.

Stay Away From Chemicals

Chemicals are a huge risk to the baby and a risk to the mother too, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides are not things that you want to deal with, and you should make absolutely sure that you are not exposing yourself to them when you choose to garden.

Dress Appropriately and Use Gloves

Wear clothes that offer you a good level of protection while you are gardening, and that keep you comfortable, and at a comfortable temperature. Your hands can get hurt most easily, and wearing gardening gloves is a way to prevent this, but even more importantly gloves may protect you from coming into contact with any of the harmful substances we’ve discussed.


The appropriate dressing also includes clothes that protect you from extreme heat, sun, or cold.

Use Appropriate Gardening Tools

Did you know that your body is far more prone to some issues like tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome when you are pregnant? The right tools are one way to make sure you aren’t straining yourself too much. Appropriate tools also mean safe tools, and if you are using anything electrical make sure it has been protected and has safety features.

Remember about Frequent Breaks and Stay Hydrated

You are probably sick of being told not to overdo things if you are pregnant, but there are reasons why everyone says it. You don’t want to do anything that risks your health or makes you unwell, as this can also harm the baby.


Take lots of breaks and always stay hydrated while you are doing anything physical. You absolutely should not over-exert yourself while you are pregnant or do anything that is strenuous or overly physical.

The Benefits of Gardening During Pregnancy

There are plenty of benefits to gardening during your pregnancy, too, especially if it is something that you enjoy.


       It can be good for your stress and mental health. Spending time outside and around nature has been proven to help with our frame of mind and mental health, great during stressful times.

       It can help with your sense of “nesting” and getting ready for the baby to arrive.

       It’s a good way to still get some exercise. You shouldn’t spend the whole pregnancy resting, and a little bit of light exercise is good for you. Gardening can be the perfect solution to this.

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