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Ways Mold Can Harm Your Health

 Many people are used to seeing a little mold in the kitchen, bathroom, or other regularly damp areas. With some scrubbing and mold treatment often, it will go away for a while. But if you find yourself struggling with mold, the first thing you should do is contact a mold removal service. 

The thing with mold is that it is not just unsightly. It is detrimental to the health of those in the home. Here are a couple of ways that mold can harm your health and why it is important for you to get it removed as quickly as possible. 

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When you have mold in the house, every time it gets brushed, or there is steam in the air, you will be breathing it in. Some studies show that dampness that isn’t handled well can see an uptick in the respiratory infections of those with asthma by up to 50%. 

Breathing in harmful mold can see a higher rate of people coughing, and it shows that infants who live in a home with a higher level of mold present more commonly with lung bleeding diseases. 

Quality of Life

Anything that reduces the quality of life should be tackled at speed, and mold is one of those things. It is more common for people who have mold in the house to take more sick days - both mental health days and physically sick days than those without mold. 

Further to this, people who have a mold issue in one of the rooms in their home are less likely to allow social visitors - because they become embarrassed of the mold problem. 


It was found that people who have some level of mold in their home have a higher level of eye, nose, throat, and skin inflammation than those who don’t. The mold irritates the lying of these areas and causes swelling. Quite often, presenting as swollen eyes, runny noses, tickly throats, and exacerbating itchy skin. 

Liver and Kidneys

One of the more surprising but incredibly dangerous ways that mold can impact our health is by putting a range of harmful chemicals into our systems. There are several byproducts of mold that can cause liver damage; some of the chemical byproducts are linked to cancer-causing agents, some put a strain on the immune system and kidneys, while others can be harmful to the kidneys to the point of failure. 

Fatigue and Migraines

Anything that has such a big impact on our bodies will also give us things we might brush off as nothing serious. Fatigue is associated with even a small amount of mold, and migraines are indicative of mold levels too. 

There are some studies that go as far as to link mold levels in the home to autoimmunity diseases and some stomach issues too. However, studies are still being done to find out the full extent of what mold can do to the body. 

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