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Tips To Make Your Home Work When You're Short On Space

 Moving is an option if you outgrow your house, but what happens if you love your home and you can’t bear to leave it? If you’re short on space, here are some tips to help you make your home work. 

Adding an extension

Adding an extension is an excellent way to create more usable space if you have room at the back or side of the property. You can choose to build a ground-floor extension or add a second level to make the upstairs of your home larger too. Extensions are ideal if you’d love a bigger kitchen, you want to add an extra bedroom or a guest suite, or you need a home office, a second living room or a playroom. The cost of adding an extension varies hugely, according to the scale of the new rooms and the materials, fixtures and fittings you choose. It’s always beneficial to get a series of quotes and research building firms thoroughly before you decide which contractor to hire. 

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Changing the layout

Changing the layout of your rooms can have a dramatic impact on the functionality of your home and it can also create the illusion of more space. If you’re considering home remodeling ideas, you could knock down walls to open up rooms or adjust the layout of your living spaces to merge two rooms into one. This is a popular option for compact kitchens that have laundry rooms or dining rooms attached. By knocking down a wall or opening an archway up, you can maximize space and design a more versatile, practical kitchen. You could also consider ideas like knocking two small bathrooms into a large family bathroom. 

Adding a garden room

Our homes have become much more than bases to eat, sleep and spend quality time with our families. Today, we work, play, relax, cook, entertain, socialize and exercise at home. If you’ve run out of space indoors, adding a garden room is a great option. By adding a new structure in your yard or garden, you can make your home more versatile and free up room inside. You can use a garden room, summer house, cabin or orangery as an office, a studio, a reading or music room, a gym, a bar or a games room. 

Buying versatile furniture

If you’re on a budget, buying versatile furniture is a simple, affordable way to make the most of the space you have available. Many of us are now working from home. If you don’t want to lose a bedroom by turning it into an office, swap a bed for a sofa bed. If you do this, you’ll have space for a desk and chair and your sofa bed, meaning you can work in a quiet space and use the room as a bedroom when you have visitors to stay. 

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Moving isn’t always an option when you run out of room at home. If you’re short on space, there are solutions. You could add an extension, remodel your kitchen or living space to create larger, more versatile rooms or buy furniture that gives you more flexibility. You could also explore the idea of adding a garden room and make the most of your outdoor space.

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