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Tips To Create Safe Workspaces For Your Team

 Our working environment can impact our productivity, mood, well-being and safety. If you own a business, it’s essential to ensure that workspaces are safe, but it’s also beneficial to try to create environments that promote productivity and good physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you prevent accidents, keep employees safe and champion well-being. 

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Prioritize health and safety

Health and safety should be a priority for all employers. Ensure that you are up to date with health and safety laws and regulations, carry out frequent risk assessments, address safety issues and dangers promptly and provide training for your staff. Update internal policies and procedures regularly and encourage your team to report issues or raise concerns if they notice hazards, or they are worried about using equipment or working in certain facilities or locations. 

Invest in maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. If you own business premises, or you rent an office or unit, and you’re responsible for maintenance, keep up to date with services and routine checks and tests. Look for companies that specialize in building maintenance services and set reminders so that you don’t fall behind. Depending on the type of premises and the location, you may need to schedule heating and air conditioning system services and electrical testing and take care of outdoor maintenance jobs. Maintenance checks will flag early warning signs if there are problems or hazards, which will reduce risks and save you money. 

Maximize natural light

Studies show that natural light can boost productivity and make us feel happier and calmer. Try to maximize natural light in your office by using light colors for the walls and flooring, hanging mirrors on the wall and angling desks and chairs towards windows and doors. Exposure to light can energize and uplift employees. Light rooms also look larger and more spacious. Adding plants is also a fantastic way to lift the mood in your workplace. 

Eliminate hazards and risk factors

Some accidents are inevitable, but often, injuries occur as a result of hazards and risk factors. Use risk assessments, employee feedback and accident reports to identify risk factors and try to eliminate hazards. Use procedures and policies to ensure a rapid response if there are dangers lurking, for example, uneven floors or spillages, and look for ways to lower the risk of common illnesses. Back pain is the most common ailment among employees. Providing adjustable desks and chairs that have lumbar support can help to prevent pain. You could also consider ideas like running a workshop on improving posture or providing access to massages or exercise sessions that are designed to strengthen the muscles and increase mobility. 

Safety should be a priority for every employer. If you own a business, it’s incredibly beneficial to go the extra mile to create a working environment that is not only safe but also functional, uplifting and comfortable. Keep up to date with health and safety regulations, invest in maintenance, maximize natural light and try to identify and eliminate hazards and risk factors.

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