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3 Ways to Cope With Living in "the House That Jack Built!"


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If you are on the move into a new property, there's nothing quite like it! But what happens is that after the initial excitement of moving into a home you need to do up bit by bit, you may notice things start to fall apart little by little. Living in the house that Jack built is very challenging. What do we need to do to make sure that we are keeping on top of every aspect of home maintenance so it doesn't get worse?

List the Repairs

There will be times when problems creep up on us, for example, the boiler breaking down, and while contractors like Plumbing by Jake offers fast repairs and installations as well as other suppliers, it is critical for you to be on top of things that need repairing, but understand what takes priority. You need to prioritize repairs based on two key things: safety and functionality. If there is something that is going to compromise your safety, you must make this priority number one. But also, if you find something is going to stop you from living in your home for longer you also need to address this. It can be a very delicate balancing act, so make sure you create a list of repairs, the associated costs, and the things that you can do right away.

Can You Ask for Help? 

Beyond local contractors, if you are living in a house that's prone to falling apart and your finances are running away with you, you could find this money pit drains you of every penny you've got. You could look into additional funding sources to help you with the cost. For example, getting a credit card might seem a big expense, especially if you don't think you will qualify, but there are credit cards for people with poor credit scores and many other financial options. In addition, you could reach out to friends or family to help with repairs. The fact is that contractors are going to do the best job, but if you find yourself trying to penny-pinch, you've got to get the balance right.

Improve Your DIY Knowledge

Finally, if you are living in a home that feels like it is falling apart, you must acquire some decent knowledge of common home problems and ensure that you know how to fix them. You can find fantastic resources online to help you with a lot of the most common DIY problems, but it's important to not let your confidence get carried away with you. You may be trying to carve out a space for you to relax and unwind, but if you end up getting overzealous and knocking a load-bearing wall out, you will pay the price! 

Living in the house that Jack built is a very overwhelming prospect, and sometimes we won't even notice that these things start to fall apart until a few months (or years) after we have moved in. Hopefully, some of these tips will really help you out.

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