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Things to see and do in Poland

 Due to the wonders of the area and how cost-effective it can be to travel there, more people are flocking to Poland for their next European adventure. But what should you see once you get there? Here are some of the best things to see and do in Poland. 

Visit Auschwitz 

Sometimes, in order to move forward from the past we must be reminded of just how many atrocities have occurred in the country we’re visiting. And when it comes to taking a trip to Poland, getting some Auschwitz tickets can be an important first step in understanding the true gravity of some the world’s past atrocities. 

These exhibitions of the pure horror that the Nazi party inflicted upon the world, and the entire place now serve as a museum that pays memory to the victims of the Holocaust. While it’s not always a fun experience, it’s one of the most educational and moving places you’ll ever go to. 

Explore Warsaw Old Town 

Post-war Poland has a lot of important sights to see as well. For instance, Warsaw Old Town was actually created after the second world war but also serves as a faithful reconstruction of how the area would have looked in the Middle Ages. And when we say a faithful reconstruction, we mean an exhaustive amount of care, attention to detail, and effort that has been put into this incredible area that’s rich in history. 

Explore the Bialowieza Forest

Through the snowy mists of eastern Poland, the expansive wonders of the Bialowieza Forest can be found, luring in eager nature lovers and tourists worldwide to enjoy one of the only primeval woodlands in the whole of Europe. If you’re brave enough to explore further into the woods, you may even see some of the last few European bison in the country. 

See Slowinski National Park

No European adventure should just be a matter of plane, uber, hotel, restaurant, repeat. To truly capture the essence of a country, you’re going to need to explore its natural glory. These protected reserves are completely unique due to how they actually shift in movement over time. And if you happen to find yourselves in the north of Poland, Slowinski National Park is a fantastic addition to your must-see bucket list. 

Ski in Zakopane

Some of Europe's most sought-after skiing opportunities sit amid the thick wooden cottages and taverns of Zakopane. Take in the fresh brisk air, enjoy unforgettable country views, and glide down some of the most enjoyable tops along the area’s mountains. Whether you’re traveling with novices or experienced ski enthusiasts, this one truly cannot be missed on your Poland adventure. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s a lot of thought and care that goes into putting together a truly unique travel experience. Even when you are packing, there is a lot to think about! But if you can make time to explore some of the above things while letting fate take you to a few other parts of this magnificent country, you’ll come home again with lifelong memories and a strong desire to go back again as soon as possible.

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