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Stuffed Chilean Peppers with a Patagonian Malbec

 #WorldWineTravel group is exploring Malbecs from outside of Mendoza (Argentina.)  Our mission is "let's focus on Beyond Malbec from elsewhere in Argentina or a different variety from Mendoza.  You decide! And if you can't find anything in either of those two options, feel free to pair any Malbec or just make an Argentinian-inspired dish to pair with any wine. I'm flexible."  Thank you to our host, Cam, from Culinary Adventures with Camilla for making our post so flexible!

I was able to wrangle a Malbec from Patagonia called Cholila Ranch.  I love its story!  This is the location of the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's ranch. The outlaws bought it in 1901 and lived there for around four years before being forced to sell and leave it. 

This vineyard manually harvests, sorts, and destems their grades. It undergoes the traditional maceration period, ages in American and French oak for nine months, then has at least a six-month bottle aging before release.

The wine itself is a deep purple with heavy aromas of dark fruit.  Fig, plum, and mulberry with some hints of violets.  I paid $20 for this bottle and yet I feel like it was a bargain!  

We paired it with these Chilean-inspired peppers.  I cannot imagine a more perfect meal for this wine.  The balance of light tannins to the richness of dark turkey meat worked very well.  It also went well with the cheese in the dish.  This give and take made the meal experience delightful!

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All of the group's posts will be live between Friday, the 24th, and Saturday, the 25th. Cam will host a Google Meet on Saturday the 25th at 8am Pacific. If you care to join the conversation, here's the link. It's open to anyone. Just click and join. Cheers!

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  1. Your peppers sound delicious and what a fun story about the winery!

  2. I am drooling all over these photos of the peppers Terri. They sound amazing and I'm going to keep an eye out for that wine. Love the tie in with Butch and Sundance.


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