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Wine Cork Phone Holder

Welcome to the February theme of "love" in our Sustainable Craft Challenge!  To remind you, we try to use things already in our home to create something new!  For this event, I created a phone holder from wine corks.  We have hundreds of wine corks and it was fun to find a way to use them!

How to build a wine cork phone holder

Choose your corks.

You need 16 corks and some type of glue. Look for corks that are uniform in size and width.  

I mentioned that I have a lot of corks.  I went through several containers and pulled out corks that had a special connection.  I found one cork that had "B & T" on it (our initials) and one that had "B" on it.  I also found a cork of my husband's go-to wine, Josh, and added it to the collection.  I really tried to make it a labor of love!

Glue your corks.

I used a hot glue gun, but you can also use other types of glue.  I used a long line of glue on some parts and dots of glue on others.  Glue 4 corks together using a line of glue.  This is the base that your phone will sit on.

Glue four more together using a straight line.  This is your edge that keeps the phone from sliding off.  

Glue 4 more together using a straight line.  Glue a second set of 4 corks together using a straight line.

Assemble your corks.

The walls on the phone holders keep your phone in place.  These walls are upright.

Using dots of glue, place one dot of glue on one end of the row of corks that is to be your base.  Stand a row of corks up and align the glue dots with the corks. Press and hold until the glue is firm.

Using dots of glue, place one dot of glue on each of your base's corks on the opposite side of the first set.  Align the dots with another wall of corks.  Press and hold.

Using dots of glue, place one dot of glue on the top of one of the vertical walls and add the final wall to that set of glue dots, creating a double wall.  This is what gives your phone a place to lean against.

I think my husband will like this cute way of using up wine corks.  I like it so much I might make one for my friends!  

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  1. This is an adorable idea Terri, using the special corks makes it so cute! I love that you had a cork with your initials on it. This would be a fun anniversary gift for the husband who has everything. Or you could collect corks at a wedding and then make this as a gift for the couple's first anniversary.

  2. I just love crafts with corks! This wine cork phone holder looks good while serving a purpose...it's a definite win-win! I love that you used corks that had special meaning to you as well! These would make a great gift as well....love the creativity!

  3. This is such a neat idea, Terri! We all can use a phone holder at some point - especially while crafting!

  4. Such a great reuse of cork's ( I may have few saved up!).

  5. What a neat idea for wine corks! So quick & easy, but super useful. Pinned!

  6. Fun project! I love crafting with wine corks and this is such a fun idea.

  7. That's a very unique and creative idea! It would make a great gift for a wine lover.

  8. Cute wine cork creation! I definitely could use a phone holder like this. It's really cute and unique!

  9. What a fabulous way of reusing wine corks! Plus, it could remind you of exciting evenings or events that the corks are from. Love it!

  10. Too bad I don't drink wine, I like your phone holder

  11. Such a cute idea, and a great way to use up some of my stash of corks!


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