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Tips For Picking A Personalized Poster For Your Interior Decor

 Is your home clean, decluttered and has a perfect style, but still it feels like there is something missing? Do you feel like there is one more thing you can do to tie the whole design together and truly enjoy your home? If you have felt like that, you might want to consider a few personalized posters for your home. These can look amazing on any wall and in any room, and you can make them as personal as you’d like to provide personality to your home. So, if you choose this route, let’s review some important tips.


Pay Attention to the Size

Choosing the wrong size of the poster for a room is the number one mistake people make when purchasing artwork. In order for your poster to look amazon and make an impact on the walls, you have to find the perfect size. A good rule is to pick a size and even though it might feel right, you can go the next size up. There are cases where you think that a piece is too big after you measure the space up close. However, when you think about it, no one is going to be walking right next to your walls and staring at the artwork from up close. You and other people usually admire the art in passing from several feet away and you don’t want it to look too small.


Use Colors from Posters to Decorate and Vice Versa

In order to pull the look of the entire room together, you should visualize everything and note down the color pallet you want to achieve. If you have personal color preferences, great, you can start from there. However, if you feel overwhelmed, you can pick the posters first and then decorate the room. If you already have a poster in mind that you like, you can choose two or three colors represented on it and pick the rest of the decoration pieces in those colors. Let’s say you’ve picked a custom-made line art poster from posteramo.com. If you’ve picked neutral beiges and pinks, you can use them, as well as the black shades for your throw pillows, rugs, and other smaller details in the room.


On the other hand, if you have already decorated your home, and want to add a poster, pick the colors you already have inside for the poster. If you have a velvet blue sofa for example, and a yellow rug, you can pick a poster with those two colors as the main ones. You can easily use websites like Posteramo to pick your colors and customize the poster to fit your interior design.


Don’t Forget about Style and Mood

Even though colors are important, and it is easy to find complementary colors, you shouldn’t neglect the style. It is often hard to nail down the style and your own preferences. It is even harder to find the right mood and not change how the room feels because of the poster. In order for the poster to fit into the style of the room and not impact the mood in a negative way, you should build a theme around the artwork. You can come up with keywords that help you visualize what is represented on the poster and pick style elements from that visualization. That way, you can know exactly what to incorporate into the rest of the room to nicely tie the whole look together.

Group Posters Together


This is another aspect to consider with picking a personalized poster. There might be several posters you like and would love to have in your room. To avoid overwhelming the space, you can pick those posters in smaller sizes and group them together to get a gallery wall. Just make sure that the posters feature complementary colors in order for the style of the room to look uniform. This way, you can hang all your favorite posters, incorporate the colors you love and have an amazing gallery wall as part of your interior design.

Find the Right Place

Having too many posters in one room can look too busy and create a nervous-like atmosphere. That’s why you should consider spreading the posters throughout the house. For example, a bold-colored poster in a bigger size can be an amazing statement piece for your living room, while gallery walls would look amazing on the staircase or in the hallway. For your bedroom, you can go with more calming colors and simpler designs to create a tranquil atmosphere. Every poster has its place in the house, so pick according to the mood of the room you want to achieve.


Personalized posters can positively transform your interior design. They bring a pop of color, make the walls look lively, and, above all, they bring spirit and personality to your home. 

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