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4 Simple Skincare Tips To Improve Your Skin in 2023

 With the start of a new year, it’s always important to make resolutions that will help improve both your physical and mental health. One thing you should add to your list is taking better care of your skin! Taking proper skincare steps can profoundly change the quality and appearance of your complexion—from reducing wrinkles and dark spots to hydration levels. In this blog post, we will be exploring four simple tips that you can apply throughout 2021 to ensure healthy, glowing skin for years to come. 

Get the Right Product for Your Skin

The first tip on this list, if you are looking to improve your skin in 2023 but don’t want to get bogged down by too many details, would be to get the right product for your skin. Often, when people are buying a skincare product, they don’t take into consideration that they have a very specific skin type. For example if you have dry skin, then you should get the best body lotion for dry skin.

Unfortunately, if you buy a skincare product that is not meant to be used with your specific skin type, you aren’t going to be getting the results you are looking for, and you might end up making any potential problems worse. For example, finding cleansers that are especially suited to your skin type is an excellent way to get started. Such cleansers will help clear away dirt and oil, leaving you with glowing, healthy skin. Additionally, look for a cleanser with gentle ingredients that combat environmental pollutants while also moisturizing and nourishing your skin. If you're unsure of which cleanser is right for you, consult a skin care expert who can advise you on the best product choice.

Don’t Use Too Many Products

The next tip on this list is one of the simplest tips that you can follow if you want to improve your skin in 2023, and that’s to not use too many products. If you are new to skincare maintenance or looking after your skin, your first thought is probably to get as many products as you possibly can, since the more products you use, the better your skin will be.

However, this is one of the worst things that you could do. The best thing, funnily enough, is to keep things as simple as possible. At most, you should be looking to use between 3 to 4 products for your skin. This is because your skin is quite sensitive, and if you use too many products, you are going to exacerbate existing problems and create new ones. Try sticking to the same brand, such as probiotic solabiome products, so you're not mixing and matching between too many different companies (which can irritate your skin).

Have a Healthy Diet

One of the most important things that you’re going to have to do if you want to improve your skin this year, and something that is also relatively simple to do, is to have a healthy diet. There is an expression that goes, “You are what you eat,” and in terms of skincare, this is quite accurate. You are probably thinking that having a healthy diet means that you won’t be able to enjoy the things that you love, however, this isn’t exactly true.

The first thing that you should know when talking about a diet is that everything needs to be consumed in moderation. More importantly, there are foods that you should try to eat less of and foods that you should try to eat more of. The list is quite extensive, so it would be worth your while to Google it and see for yourself.

Wash Your Hands and Phone

Another incredibly simple tip on this list to improve the quality of your skin would be to wash your hands as well as wipe down your phone throughout the day. If you are prone to breakouts, this is mainly caused when your pores are clogged or if bacteria gets into your pores. Having said that, you probably touch many things throughout the day and then touch your face, meaning you are transferring bacteria constantly.

In addition to this, you are also most likely using your phone quite often throughout the day, which means that you are touching it with the same hands that you use to touch many other things. This in turn transfers the dirt and bacteria from your hands to your phone, and if you make phone calls, you will be transferring the dirt and bacteria from your phone to your face. At first, this might be a little bit challenging, but after a while, it will become part of your routine.

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