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Exploring the Caves and Waterfalls of Connecticut


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Natural beauty abounds in Connecticut. In particular, you will find various beautiful caves and waterfalls around the state. 


If you are planning on exploring the Great Outdoors of Connecticut, here are some of the best caves and waterfalls that you will want to consider visiting. 

Kent Falls

At Kent Falls State Park, you can view the beautiful Kent Falls, which has a 250-foot drop, and feel the mist of the powerful cascades on your face.


You can even walk along the covered bridge to get up close to the waterfall that runs into the Housatonic River.


And the State Park has plenty of other attractions, including several creeks, numerous hiking trails, an Art Trail, and plenty of fishing opportunities.


When exploring the falls, or any of the other waterfalls and wet rocky areas in Connecticut, make sure you exercise caution. It is important that you wear a pair of boots with good grip and that you are careful so that you do not slip and fall and become injured.


Though, if you do have a slip and fall accident while hiking the trails and exploring the falls of Connecticut, you may be eligible for compensation. Take a look at this helpful article to learn how long you have to make a claim.

Indian Council Caves

At the Tunxis State Forest, you will discover plenty of wildlife and hiking paths.


And if you hike five miles along the Indian Council Caves Trail, you will come across the spellbinding Indian Council Caves, which consist of multiple caves that you are sure to love exploring.


For majestic caves in Connecticut that are off the beaten path and set among a peaceful forest canopy, look no further than Indian Council Caves.

Judges Cave

For a cave of historical significance, head to West Rock Ridge State Park and hike along the seven-mile Regicides Trail to find Judges Cave.


After England’s King Charles II ousted Oliver Cromwell from power and took the throne, during the seventeenth century, Charles II wanted to take revenge against the judges who had condemned his father, King Charles I, to death.


The judges Goffe and Whalley fled the country and arrived in New Haven. With the help of locals, the judges stayed in the cave that is now known as Judges Cave to stay hidden and safe.


After living in the cave for many weeks, the judges moved to Massachusetts, where they lived in peace for the rest of their lives.

Enders Falls

Enders Falls in Granby is undoubtedly one of the most stunning waterfalls in Connecticut and the area is suitable for swimming and cliff jumping.


You can take one of several trails that lead to Enders Brook, where the series of falls are located.


The Purple Blaze trail, which is only half a mile long, is the easiest route to the falls. At the end of the trail, you will come across a small viewing platform.


Also, Enders State Forest has much more to offer than waterfalls. In fact, it spans over 2 acres, so there are plenty of hiking options available to see the beautiful flora and fauna.

Chapman Falls

While Chapman Falls are incredible natural wonders that anyone exploring Connecticut’s natural beauty will want to view, if you do head to the falls, be careful.


According to local folklore, the devil himself once sat atop the falls playing a violin and Devil’s Hopyard State Park, where the falls are located, is said to be haunted to this day.

Buttermilk Falls

While the entire trail of Buttermilk Falls State Park spans around 38 miles, if you just want to see the gorgeous waterfall that the state park is named after, you can access it by walking just a little over half a mile.


The foaming cascade is formed by Buttermilk Creek, and it flows down the steep valley into Cayuga Lake.


In the upper area of the park, you can enjoy woodland hiking trails and picnic areas. The lower area features a natural pool and the beautiful Larch Meadows wetland area.

Nonnewaug Falls

The Nonnewaug Falls Open Space Preserve in Woodbury is well-known by locals, but most visitors to Connecticut have no idea that this waterfall exists.


So, if you want to see natural beauty at its finest while keeping away from the tourists, take a visit to the 18-foot-drop Nonnewaug Falls, which are more commonly known by locals as Leever Falls and which land in a waist-deep pool.


The falls are surrounded by rich moss, a hemlock-shrouded ravine, and sprawling open fields.

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