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8 Landscaping Ideas the HOA Will Love


Tired of the HOA constantly giving you a hard time for your front yard? If so, here are some landscaping ideas you and they will love.

Gardening and landscaping are effective ways to add to your home's curb appeal and keep the HOA off your case. An estimated 55 percent of adults enjoy gardening, and using your green thumb can make an immense difference in your front yard landscaping.

When you become a homeowner, you accept responsibility for home maintenance and a beautiful yard. Failure to come through will result in a frustrated HOA. Finding and applying new landscaping ideas is an excellent starting point for improving your home's curb appeal.

The good news is that you've come to the perfect place to learn about the best ideas and landscaping tips. Continue reading to turn your home into the talk of the block!

1. Incorporate a Stone Wall

A stone wall is a stunning addition to your front yard. Pair your yard with flowers matching the stone's aesthetic to bring it together. Pair the stone wall with mulch to protect the flowers from weeds.

The wall will frame the flower bed, creating a luxurious look. It's also beneficial if you can find a stone option that complements your home design. Consider adding a stone wall after you buy plants to add color to the yard.

Using a simple border for your home's stone wall is best. Transitioning from grass to mulch creates a natural feeling in your front yard. Your new stone wall also benefits the plants by assisting with soil retention.

2. Conceal Unsightly Objects

Another expert tip for your front yard landscaping is finding ways to conceal unsightly objects. Concealment can be challenging if you're not the home's first owner since you did not get a say in where the air conditioner box and other unsightly resources were placed.

Unsightly objects draw passersby's eyes to other parts of your home design instead of appreciating the garden or other decorative touches. Use your creativity to find ways to conceal these objects and allow others to enjoy your yard and home design.

Build a barrier blocking the view of air conditioner units, trashcans, and other unsightly items. Your home's curb appeal will skyrocket when you allow people to enjoy each aspect of your home's design.

3. Match Flowers and Accessories

Repeating a color palette for your front yard is one of the most practical landscaping ideas to appease your HOA and keep them at bay. Look for your favorite decorative objects in the front yard and attempt to match their color with new flowers.

Doubling down on the color palette will help your home stand out more. Matching the colors of planters or sculptures in your yard will allow the design to play off itself. The small details add harmony to your yard.

Try these landscaping ideas if you're attempting to add more color to your front yard. You'll remove pressure from the HOA while enjoying looking at a beautiful yard daily.

4. Add Yard Lighting

One of the ultimate designs associated with homeowners in the United States is rock slab walkways lined with flowers and plants leading to a porch garden. You can pair the porch with tasteful rocking chairs to match the home's design.

It's a classic and simple design element you'll enjoy when you move into your new home. Combine the aesthetic with solar landscaping lights to add to the appearance at night and improve safety for those walking the path.

You can also install a light on the porch to provide enough lighting to prevent accidents when stepping up from the path. It's a minimalistic and homey addition to boost your house's curb appeal.

5. Spruce Up the Walkway or Sidewalk

The sidewalk and walkway are essential for walking to the garage or front door without trampling grass, plants, and flowers in your yard. Sprucing up the sidewalk will add to your yard's design while ensuring a safe and stable place for your guests to step in when arriving at your house for a visit.

Look for cracks to fix and stains you can remove to restore the walkway's appearance. The convenient path allows for a straightforward walk to the front door when the weather is poor.

You can add to your yard by buying plants and planting them along the walkway. A walkway lined with beautiful flowers will add color and design to the front yard.

6. Add a Small Garden

A small garden is a fantastic addition to your front yard landscaping, and it provides a picturesque way to grow your favorite herbs and vegetables. You can place the small garden near the primary garden on your property to make a statement with your home design.

A simple garden with a few boulders, tasteful plants, and trees will add to the house's curb appeal. For easy maintenance, consider hiring a landscaping company to complete the job.

7. Purchase Automatic Sprinklers

Watering the lawn and plants is often an unpleasant experience, but it's a must-do activity to maintain green grass and healthy plants in your yard. An excellent option to consider is automatic sprinklers.

You'll eliminate the need to spend hours watering your garden and grass daily. The best automatic sprinklers allow you to program them for the ideal amount of water at the best time.

8. Layer Your Yard

The last thing to do when implementing landscaping tips for your home's design is to layer the plants and trees. A tall house requires deeper landscaping to offset the appearance.

Design the layers by incorporating focal points into the design. It's best to place colorful focal points at the entrance, corners, courtyards, and walkways to boost curb appeal and make the HOA happy.

Try These Landscaping Ideas for Your Home Today

Landscaping adds beauty and elegance to a home's front yard, and it's an investment worth making if the HOA in your neighborhood is on your case. Use landscaping ideas like a small and natural garden as a focal point, and buy plants to line the walkway from the sidewalk or driveway to your porch. Layer your yard and conceal unsightly objects detracting from your home design.

Creating your dream home takes creativity and drive, but the result is worth the effort. Read our Making a Home content for more pointers and advice on improving your home's curb appeal!

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