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The Best Easter Desserts That Everyone Will Love

 There are so many things to celebrate this time of the year, from the start of spring to Easter for those who celebrate. Desserts play an important role during this season of renewal. From Easter Bunny-shaped cookies to chocolate eggs, these treats are a sweet and delicious way to honor your family’s Easter traditions and create new ones.

Instead of spending the day baking in front of a hot oven, why not just have the best Easter desserts delivered straight to your doorstep? Here’s a delightful assortment of pastel-hued Easter-inspired cakes, cookies, and treats that capture the spirit of the season and will leave you and your guests craving more.


There’s nothing more classic than Sweet E’s Easter M&M Cookies. These cookies are topped with pastel-colored M&Ms and are filled with a generous amount of chocolate chunks, making every bite filled with chocolate and candy. Warm these up for a few seconds in the oven and then grab a glass of milk for the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up!


Wondering what desserts are good for shipping that you can include in your Easter care package? The very same LA bakery also makes delicious, buttery shortbread cookies. These Instagram-worthy Easter Bunny Cookies are shaped like adorable bunnies, topped with white chocolate and pastel-tinted fondant that says "spring has sprung!" These cookies keep fresh for up to three weeks so they can be enjoyed long after the egg hunts are over.


Building the perfect Easter basket for your little ones? Your kids will go crazy once they discover these Easter Cakesicles inside their baskets! Available in vanilla & chocolate cake flavors, these cakesicles are dipped in white chocolate and pastel-tinted fondant, perfect for your Easter gift-giving and spring festivities.


If you’re looking for something portable and easy to serve, these Easter Cakes in a Jar are another great addition to your Easter spread, especially if you're celebrating away from home this year. Made from layers of vanilla confetti cake and pastel buttercream frosting, these jars also come with crunchy sprinkles and a wooden spoon. They’re the perfect dessert if you’re looking for convenience and hassle-free serving this Easter season!


For casual get-together with friends, these Spring Cakesicles are just the thing to serve! These bite-sized vanilla and chocolate cakes are covered in dreamy, pastel-tinted white chocolate, bringing a burst of color and sweetness to your gathering. Whether you're hosting a laid-back brunch, a cozy afternoon tea, or a spontaneous dinner, these treats will make you feel like the hostess with the mostest.


Want something different from the traditional carrot cake and chocolate eggs? These seasonal Easter Marshmallow Bliss Bars have transformed the classic Rice Krispie treats into an Easter delight! These rice krispies are spruced up with pastel-tinted white chocolate, crunchy pastel sprinkles, and Easter M&M's. These grab-and-go treats will be a hit at your next spring picnic, and can be served easily and with minimal fuss.

Prepping for your Easter lunch? Make sure to have this Easter Bunny Cake as the centerpiece of your Easter spread. Choose from any of Sweet E’s Bake Shop’s best-selling flavors, and you’ll get this adorable Easter cake with sparkly glitter bunny ears and pastel swirl frosting that reflects the vibrant hues of spring.


Don't forget to snag a batch of these Easter Cupcakes that are almost too gorgeous to eat, but are way too delicious to resist. These vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are topped with Easter decor such as chocolate eggs, bunny ears, and baby chicks. And if you’re looking for something more traditional but still with a touch of spring decor, these Rainbow Cupcakes are topped with a swirl of rainbow frosting and a touch of edible glitter.


Get the perfect kit for a post-egg hunting activity and mini-art project that will keep your energetic little ones happy while you handle the Easter festivities. This Easter DIY Egg Cookie Kit is a true lifesaver for parents and has everything your kids will need to channel their inner chef: egg cookies, icing bags, and sprinkle mix.


Easter is known as a time of renewal, joy, and togetherness. As we emerge from the cold of winter into the warmth of spring, it's only fitting that we embrace the new season with these delicious Easter-themed treats. Order yours from an Easter dessert delivery service, and save yourself from the inconvenience of braving crowded grocery aisles or spending hours in the kitchen baking from scratch.

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