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A Roadmap to Canada's Immigration Process: A Guide by Global Residence Index

 Gaining a permanent residency in Canada is a dream for many individuals. This country, with its strong economy, growth opportunities, and comfortable living conditions, attracts many foreign nationals. 

Although obtaining residency in the country is not simple, and the immigration process can be complex to understand. Canada offers some immigration options that people can apply for according to their purpose of relocation and budget. 

The team of GlobalResidenceIndex.com provides the required guidance to their clients to help them with their immigration process. Individuals willing to emigrate to Canada must seek guidance from them to experience a hassle-free completion of the application. 

In this article, you will learn about Canada’s immigration process in detail. Read it thoroughly to choose the option that suits you best. 

Navigating Canada Immigration Options

Canada has good economic conditions and ample job opportunities that provide competitive salaries. This is one reason why foreign nationals wish to emigrate to the country. 

The country is also known for its natural landscapes and multiculturalism and heartily welcomes new immigrants. 

Canada has good healthcare systems, educational facilities, and low crime rates. Making an immigration decision to Canada can be an excellent investment in your future. 

If you want to move to the country, you must navigate the path to permanent residency. The process might feel overwhelming, but below is a guide to the popular immigration options you can choose.  

Permanent Residency

Look at some of the permanent residency programs offered by the country:

Express Entry 

Individuals from all over the world are allowed to apply for this program. They are selected based on their skill sets. The program uses a point-based system, where applicants are awarded points based on their education, professional experience, language skills, etc. 

The higher the points, the higher the chances of getting invited to apply for permanent residency. 

The Express Entry program is divided into three categories:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program 

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program 

  • Canadian Express Class 

Provincial Nominee Program

This program caters to the needs of specific Canadian provinces. Individuals willing to reside in any particular province can choose this program. 

Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is for people with close family members living in Canada as citizens or permanent residents. If the applicants fulfill the relationship criteria, they are eligible to emigrate to the country. 

Canada’s Golden Visa Alternatives

Investment programs that offer permanent residency after a minimum required investment in the country’s economy come under Canada’s Golden Visa.

Investor Visa Program

Through the investor visa program, individuals can invest in the Canadian economy to gain permanent residency. They can either invest in any commercial enterprise or government-approved investment fund. 

Start-Up Visa Program

The Start-Up visa program is for entrepreneurs willing to establish a business in Canada. Applicants must have a valid business plan approved by a designated Canadian organization. It offers permanent residency to successful entrepreneurs. 

To better understand the immigration process look at Global Residence Index about Canada's golden visa and residency by investment programs. There, you will find more detailed information regarding Canada’s immigration, and their team will help with the application procedure. 

Understanding the Visa Programs 

Let’s understand the various permanent residency programs. 

Express Entry 

The Express Entry program helps people obtain permanent residency in Canada. It is specifically for workers who have the required skills needed by the Canadian economy. 

  • Eligibility: First, you must check the eligibility requirements for the program.

  • Make a Profile: If you are eligible, then you need to create an express entry profile. Fill in the required details such as skills, work experience, education, age, language test scores, etc. 

  • Comprehensive Ranking System: According to this system, the applicants are awarded points based on their profile:

  1. Age (more  points for younger applicants)

  2. Education 

  3. Work Experience 

  4. Language Skills 

  5. Arranged employment in Canada (points for a valid job offer)

  6. Adaptability factors 

  • Invitations to Apply: After reviewing, the Canadian government invites applicants with the highest points to apply for permanent residency. 

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is for those who wish to apply for residency in a specific Canadian province. Each province runs its own programs with certain eligibility criteria. 

It is best for skilled applicants who might receive low points in the Express Entry program but have relevant skills according to the local provincial market. 

Investor Visa Program

Canada’s investor visa program grants permanent residency to individuals who are willing to contribute to the country’s economy by investing a certain amount. 

The amount to be invested depends on the type of program an applicant chooses. People can either invest in any Canadian commercial enterprise or government-approved venture capital funds.  

Start-Up Visa Program

This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in Canada. It is a pathway to permanent residency. 

Basically, to apply, applicants will need a strong business plan that can become successful. Individuals must also have a letter of approval from a designated Canadian organization that supports your business idea. 

If the business is successful, you will obtain Canadian permanent residency.

Application Process

The application process varies according to the program an individual chooses. Have a look at the general overview of the steps:

  • First step is to check the eligibility of each program to determine which is suitable. Then, select the one that aligns with your purpose. 

  • Prepare your application by gathering all necessary documents. Re-check to ensure you have all the required papers. 

  • Immigration programs need language proficiency scores. The required proficiency level may vary based on the program chosen. 

  • The main application procedure differs according to the selected program. Complete all the program-specific steps. 

  • Submit your application. The visa processing time varies according to the program and the number of applications received.  

  • Once the application is approved, you will receive the permanent resident status. 


Immigration decision to Canada is not so complicated once you understand the overall process and know which visa program to choose.

It is advisable to get proper guidance from professionals or agencies with expertise in this field so you can follow all the steps properly and avoid mishaps. 

If you have chosen the specified visa program, then apply now!

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