15 December 2007

Graduation Day!


It's Graduation Day at Lincoln University! Of course, there is four inches of snow on the ground so none of my extended family will make it but Bob, Ashley and Eric plan to be there!

I am the only Education Specialist graduating today so for a couple of moments is the "Terri Show" which is rather fun. I got a lot of attention yesterday from the administration since I make them look good.

My gown is tight and that irritates me to no end. I know that Masters and Education Specialists can wear their gowns open and I might do that although I have not been excited about that.

My degree is in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Sounds important, don't you think? It just means that I can continue doing my job as a principal and or become a superintendent someday!

Pictures later, I hope!


  1. Congratulation Terri! Make the most of your time in the spotlight...you deserve it!

    You Rock!
    Becky K.

  2. Congratulations, Terr! I know that involved a lot of hard work and dedication! Enjoy your day -
    Merry Christmas, Ms. Smarty Pants! lol

  3. I'm beyond proud of you! You are such an inspiration to me!

  4. Wow. Such an accomplishment. You are an amazing inspiration to me. I keep saying I will go back to get my Master's or to study something else but I get bigged down thinking my brain has atrophied. You are a fire cracker and I am proud to know you!

    Irritating gown and all..and yes, it DOES sound important because it IS!

    You GO girl...I am proud of you. *sniff* I really am.


  5. Congratulations!!!!!


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