BooMama's Holiday Home Tour!

BooMama is hosting a holiday tour today of our homes. I am participating so you can see what we have done to decorate for the holidays!

Our Christmas card tree is in the dining room. This is where I display our cards that we receive, if they are picture cards!

These pictures are of our basement family room. The table is an original 1950s formica table with the original chairs. This was in the parish kitchen while Bob was the altar boy at his church. The tree is done in ornaments made by family and friends and photos of those who have passed on.

This is in our master bedroom. This is Bob's reading chair. The room is light and airy and we love it!

Photos of our living room! The bannister is decorated with Wallace silver sleigh bells and is one of our favorite decorating features. Bob gets one of these with each year of JCPS employment!

And last, our kitchen! I love our old hutch (via 1790s!) and the wrought iron chandelier!

Our entry way. Filled to the top with snowmen! The best part is that in January the snowmen creep their way all through the house.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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