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Momma's Egg Nog

Every Christmas my mother makes egg nog. Not the alcoholic kind, but the rich, frothy kind that makes you want a 16 oz cup to go along with your homemade cookies.

Each year I tell myself to take a photo of this process but I usually get too wrapped up to remember to do so. This year I will remember because now I am afraid if I wait too long I will miss out.

Here's my mom's recipe:

(all ingredients should be cold!)

1 gallon of whole milk (hey, it's Christmas!)
6 (or more) pasteurized eggs
3 (or more) cups of sugar
3 T good vanilla
Central Dairy vanilla or egg nog ice cream, semi softened
freshly grated nutmeg

Beat the eggs until frothy. Add in sugar, one cup at a time. Slowly pour in milk and beat until well combined. Taste. Add more eggs and sugar until it meets this year's taste buds. Add 3 T of good vanilla. Taste. Add more if needed.

Pour into a punch bowl. Add round scoops of ice all around the punch bowl. Grated nutmeg on top of egg nog. Beat off little kids and get the first cup.

This egg nog slips down the throat just like Almanzo's father describes in Farmer Boy, one of the Little House books. You can imagine my surprise to hear of someone drinking egg nog in the SUMMER. I have not ventured to try this as egg nog is like saying Christmas in our house.

Enjoy, sip, gulp and go back for more!

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  1. Believe it or not, I've never made egg nog. I appreciate the recipe. I have had some wonderful nog in the past where they used the egg nog ice cream. Yummy!
    Have a great day!

  2. I tasted eggnog for the very first time this Thanksgiving. I was pleasantly surprised! But not enough to actually make some...I'm waaaaaay too lazy for THAT! lol

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Oh girl now I want that! Have you tried the eggnog shakes? Sonic had them,but stopped so I go get a good vanilla icecream and a container of eggnog. Make a shake and spinkle with nutmeg. Yummy!
    Not on WW though.

  4. Terri, this sounds so yummy AND Central Dairy ice cream, o my! Would love to make this. Perhaps, next time we're over in your direction, I'll pick up some Central Dairy vanilla and make a batch of your Mom's eggnog! If I'm going to try this nog, I might as well wait for the very best ice cream in the state of Missouri!:-)


  5. My hubby is in Branson, MO at this very moment. He'll be home very soon but me thinks he likes it there. He works at Sight and Sound and they are building a Theatre there. He'll be back and forth a good bit over the next few months before it opens.

    I loved the Little House Books and when i introduced Chelsea to them she gobbled them up like candy. Isn't it neat when books retain their interest for several generations?

    I've not met an egg nog that I really could say I liked but this sounds good. Not like the store kind...

    Becky K.

  6. I enjoy egg not this time of the year. Love to get a scoop of egg nog ice cream at baskin robbins.

    Thanks for entering my book giveaway. Wishing you luck!

  7. I always make Paula Deen's Mama's eggnog. But it is time consuming. Since my husband LOVES eggnog and complains that he can't get it any other time of the year, I think I might steal this recipe and surprise him! Thanks!!


  8. Yum, eggnog, my favorite!!! Thanks Terri!

  9. I'm not real crazy about the eggnog they sell in the stores but this recipe sure sounds yummy so I will have to give it a try! Anything with ice cream has got to be good. lol xox

  10. Anon, the secret is using pasteurized eggs, as listed in the recipe. Not regular eggs, but eggs that have been pasteurized. Much safer.

  11. Sounds good Terri! I usually just buy the pre made kind and I always forget to take it out of the refrig and serve. :-)

  12. Oh wow! That sounds so yummy! Pass me a glass please.


  13. It was my daddy that made the homemade egg nog at our house. Oh, how good it was...so full of whipped creme and sugar and eggs and milk and vanilla....we loved it so much. Then, someone said "Ya'll drink that with RAW eggs?" and my daddy quit making it..afraid he would make some of us sick. We started buying it at the groc. store!! What a shame...I still miss my dad's egg nog.!!

  14. Oh, and I have to admit..as old as I am, I've never heard of PASTERIZED eggs!! Where HAVE I been???


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