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Twelve things about Me Christmas Hoopla!

I was tagged by Pea to do this cute post:

1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.
2. Please refer to it as a ‘hoopla’ and not the dreaded ‘m’-word…
3. You have to tag specific people when you’re done. No “if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged” stuff is allowed…then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you — but the more, the merrier to get this ‘hoopla’ circulating through the blogosphere.
4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it! Let’s involve as many people as possible!
5. Please give Andrea some link-love as the “Hoopla-Creator!

1. I love Christmas Eve almost better than Christmas! When Christmas starts, I know it will be over in a very short time. Christmas Eve means Christmas is still a bit aways...

2. I do not like tinsel. I don't think it is festive and if I am around it, it clings to me.

3. I love Nativity Scenes.

4. My favorite part of Christmas is undoing my stocking.

5. For two years running I haven't purchased anything new to decorate with!

6. I buy my christmas cards for next year at the end of the season sales. I feel cheap doing that but I love the savings!

7. Sometimes I can't find the cards I bought at the sales. So I end up buying new ones anyway.

8. I look forward to the extended family christmas! At Bob's family we do a fun exchange and with my family the little kids are the feature!

9. My favorite Christmas cookies are decorated sugar cookies!

10. I love my Mom's EggNog!

11. My sister used to live in Iowa and one christmas she didn't make it due to the weather and I cried about it.

12. This will be our first christmas without our dad. I think we will be ok but I wonder....

I tag Kat and Tanya to play....

Would you like to comment?

  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I was tagged too,but I really enjoyed reading yours.

  2. Okay, I tagged you for this one too pal...guess I'll have to let you slide on Pea's...I'll think it over and get back to you!

  3. I enjoyed reading that! I was tagged and have to start thinking about it!


  4. I was tagged for this also, Terri. I thought, at first, I wouldn't think of anything to write, but when I got started it just seemed to flow!

    I loved reading your random things. It's wonderful learning more about my friends in the Land of Blog!

    Do you have snow? I took a photo of our snow, this morning and added it to my blog post. It seems we have twice as much now!!


  5. I'm so glad you decided to participate:-) I loved reading your list of 12 Christmas facts...I had to laugh when you mentioned buying cards on sale after Christmas and then forgetting where you put them and buying new ones. That's exactly what happened to me this year! lol For the life of me I couldn't find the ones I had bought last year...just the other day I was looking for something in the closet and found them!! Too late, I had already bought new ones and sent them out!!! I remember how hard our first Christmas was without Dad...sending you big hugs! xoxo

  6. How fun learning some Christmas Hoopla about you! I have been tagged to and later tonight I will post...

  7. I love your Mom's eggnog too! Course it could put me in sugar coma lasting weeks, but when I come out of it, just give me another 1/2 cup! I enjoyed your memories...and your Dad is quite pleased to be on Home Base for Christmas, Darlin', just pleased as punch!

  8. Fun Christmas Hoopla! Mmm- and eggnog-yum! loved all twelve of your Christmas facts!

    kari & kijsa


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