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Christmas, weddings and messy houses!

It is obvious that Christmas is over, and that although we have shopped the post Christmas sales and returned the not-so-perfect gifts, it is not so obvious that our house is torn apart due to the return of one college graduate who shall remain nameless. There are shoes everywhere and wedding things and all kinds of stuff that I cannot describe. Lets just say that disorder creates a monster and that monster is ME!

We are hot and heavy into wedding planning. I am still in my pjs and am hoping I can get dressed before 4:00. I have been frantically calling, emailing and answering phones since 6:30 this morning. I have ordered sheet music, flowers and applied for a liquor license, ordered pictures and started on the pew decorations and its just 8:30.

Since I love Christmas and weddings, I will live with the messy house, especially since I know it means she is still living with us... that will be the hardest thing to do... "give her away" and know that our home is not hers anymore.

I'd love to hear from those of you who have survived this...

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