Karla's, "What Do I Love About My Holiday Home" Tour!

I am sharing with you today little tidbits about what I love about my Holiday Home. Full photos of my house will come on the 17th with the Tour of Homes. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the things I love!

Every year we have a family portrait taken at Christmas. I love this one of my family in our pjs.

This photo is a collage of pictures I made of the photos we have of Ashley and Santa. In the middle is a picture she drew of Santa when she was four.

This tablecloth was found on ebay! Can't claim it as a family treasure but I do love it!

I made this wreath as a dedication to our profession. Over the years Bob and I have served many educational facilities or programs. This wreath has something from every post we have held, every program we have served on and every school we've been.

This photo is of the childhood Santa that my mother graciously gave me a couple of years ago. Featured beside it is a photo taken of my sister and me at my Grandmother Oliver's home.

My MIL is a fabulous stitchery artist. Each new family member gets a cross stitched or needlepoint stocking, each different. She started that tradition many years after Bob and I were married so one year we coerced her into making one for us!

My husband receives a jingle bell each year for his year of employment at his school. We now use these bells to decorate our bannister. I love the way the silver catches the lights we use on it, too!

My mother painted this Mr. and Mrs. Claus while I was growing up in the 60s. Again, she gave these to me when she was downsizing her own Christmas.

I hope you have enjoyed my tour!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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