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Favorite Christmas Present, ever!

I read on a blog somewhere, drat, forgot to write it down, to tell about your favorite Christmas present of all times. I pondered this deeply last night, while coughing my head off, and decided that it was the cheap, aluminum BATON I received when I was in the fourth grade. (In the picture, I am the first one on the bottom!)

No other present that I can recall, has given me so much! After getting that baton, I took lessons from my cousin Janie and her friend who were in HS and I thought I was so COOOL. And, so did my friends.

Then as I got older and better, I was asked to join the twirlers when I was in 8th grade, the first, the last and the only, because I was so good (no, really!) The photo is of me in the 8th grade!

I ended up being the drum major for two years (another unheard of feat in my school, as the spot was reserved for seniors). I am on the right, in white in the photo!

So that little bitty baton taught me poise, confidence, humility (no, really!) and helped me get introduced to my husband (who was the drummer!). A gift that keeps on giving!

I still have my HS baton. It sits in a closet but from time to time I pull it out and give it a whirl. And yeah baby, I still got it!

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this post. Brought back so many memories. I, too, remember my first, silver, magical baton. I didn't go on to be the star you did but I sure had fun with it!

  2. Wow...looking at these old photos I can really see how much your daughter resembles you !!

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    That is awsome.It is nice to have it isn't it lol. Ashley looks just like you.

  4. Great post, Terri! Brought back happy memories for me, being in band. I wasn't a twirler. I played French Horn. Being a part of band was one of the best things for me, as a teenager!

    You can see from these photos, Ashley looks so much like you!

  5. I too loved my baton but I played clarinet in our band.
    That's quite the magic wand, meeting your husband and developing such confidence.

  6. O.K., I never had a baton! I was on the drill team briefly and then I went to an all girls Catholic school that didn't have a band or teams (except debate).

    Great story!


  7. That was a GREAT post. Really! And I'm diggin' the white boots, too. lol
    Merry Christmas -

  8. Oh I love old pictures. You were quite the little vixen weren't ya?? Thanks for sharing!!


  9. Look at them legs!! hehe I was also a baton twirler and actually took majorette lessons from the time I was 3 years old until I was 13. I wish I still had my baton but I think mom gave it away when I quit taking lessons. I had posted a couple of weeks ago a picture of me in the Santa Claus parade when I was 6 years old...I had just lost my baton by throwing it up in the air and not catching it! lol Loved seeing your pictures!!! xox

  10. I'm laughing, had a baton and took lessons from "Miss Majorette of America Carolyn Willis" She couldn't do a thing with me...I spent more time being checked out for concussion than twirling...Yes, Carolyn and also Frances Scott Turner were both from Chesterfield County so it should be in my blood, right? How well did you do with it?

  11. I loved this post, too. I remember my first...and last...baton. I was not coordinated enough for that but I do remember felling like "some...one" as I twirled that precious piece of metal.

    Becky K.

  12. Oh what fun to see the photos! Great post!

    And I bet you Do still have it! You go girl!

    Christmas hugs!

  13. What a neat post. My favorite gift was a chatty cathy doll. LOL Mary

  14. I still have mine! My DS will take it out and swing it around. At first he thought it was a funny baseball bat. I'll have to dig up my pictures of those good ole days. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow Terri...you just brought back a flood of memories for me....I remember my first baton...it was a cheapy from Mott's 5 & 10...but mine was royal blue aluminum with the typical white rubber caps...YES I was cool beyond my years...I so wanted to be a twiller/majorette in school, however, there were just a couple of problems...1.) I am atheletically challenged...this was discovered after a few lessons with the majorette one town over from ours...that I just didn't have it...during my lessons...I could twirl ok...ifffy at best...but it was when I was suppose to throw it up in the air and catch it...I would duck, cover my head and schooch over a smidge...always loosing it...so you see...I was just flat out NO GOOD at it....2) and this could be a major thing...we didn't have a twiller in our school band until I was in the 11th grade...so even if I had been a star...I couldn't have marched with the band...sad huh??? I was afraid of a silly little baton...but went on to concur barrel racing...not that I was a star at that either...but I did it...and had a blast! It was probably more expensive for my parents though than that sweet little blue baton from the 5 & 10!

    This was a great story...loved all the pictures...and I think I had a pair of those white boots...girl you were so stylin'!

    Blessings...and Merry Christmas...

    Love your family card, by the way!

  16. Terri, what a wonderful gift:) Especially since it lead you to your husband and then your daughter. Thanks for the memories.


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