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An Invitation....

I have done Christmas letters every year since 1977. I have stubbornly done them while they got a bad rap for being a "bragging session" in the 80s and continued to do them in the 90s when Ashley was in middle school and again through now while Ashley was in college.

I haven't done one this year yet because I thought I would try something new. I have worked on a Christmas blog (well, starting in September) and I am going to send a web address to those I mail a letter to inviting them to take a peak. If they are not interested in our family, then they don't have to be subjected to how wonderful we are all.

I will still write a small letter for the "senior" members of our family who are not connected to the internet. I often here from these folks how much they appreciate the update.

So, you are invited to check out the Bob and Terri Christmas 2007 blog! Comments are welcomed!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I enjoyed reading about your family. i feel like you about bragging so sometimes I backoff.You know it is our life and what is going on...I want to know my blogfriends.Thanks,your have accomplished much this year.

  2. That's a wonderful idea. And it saves so much in postage! I checked out the blog (of course) and it's great. Not too time consuming, once a month. But it lets people into your life. It's really great, Terri!


  3. That's a terrific idea about the blog. Too bad people think you're bragging. It's nice to have something to brag about rather than dwell on the negative.
    Cheers to you! I'll go check it out.

  4. Great new look for your blog and I'll check out the Christmas one. Thanks.

  5. Great idea, Terri! Your family and friends will enjoy reading about what you've been doing and so will your blogging friends! Yes, I like this concept!


  6. I took a peek and it looks great! I think it's a marvelous idea!


  7. Oh my GOD TERRI!!! I haven't laughed that hard in so long I'm sure I'm going to be sore when I get up in the mornin'. Know who writes some riproaring Christmas letters? My darling niece Kari of course...and of course you're wonderful and of course we want to read all about you and how wonderful you are and who is being so petty as not to agree with our opinion? The NERVE!

  8. You know...I have a relative ( a very close one) that refuses to read my blog because she thinks they are "braggey" and "stupid"...thats OK...her loss. I haven't even bought my cards yet....

  9. you always come up with the best ideals! love it

  10. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Terri what a fabulous idea. I actually didn't torture our card recipients this year. I just did a picture collage and mailed that in the card instead, but I really like your idea. Next year!!!!

  11. What a fine idea Terri! I loved it. I will be checking in on it and may do one for our family too


  12. What a sweet idea!! You have the most wonderful family!

    Hmm...now, let;s talk about YOUR accomplishments sweetie!!! WOW!!!
    I am NOT worthy...I am not worthy!!!


  13. What a fantastic idea!!!!


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