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An Invitation....

I have done Christmas letters every year since 1977. I have stubbornly done them while they got a bad rap for being a "bragging session" in the 80s and continued to do them in the 90s when Ashley was in middle school and again through now while Ashley was in college.

I haven't done one this year yet because I thought I would try something new. I have worked on a Christmas blog (well, starting in September) and I am going to send a web address to those I mail a letter to inviting them to take a peak. If they are not interested in our family, then they don't have to be subjected to how wonderful we are all.

I will still write a small letter for the "senior" members of our family who are not connected to the internet. I often here from these folks how much they appreciate the update.

So, you are invited to check out the Bob and Terri Christmas 2007 blog! Comments are welcomed!

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