Christmas cards 2007

I love Christmas cards. I can't help it. For one it is amazing to me that rarely do you see that any one has picked the same card. I get approximately 200 cards in any given year and I really don't think I have seen one duplicated.

I think cards tell a lot about the personalities of the people who send them. I can tell if you are frugal, whimisical, traditional, or drunk. I can remember who sent me what card, over time, just like I can remember obscure numbers (I can still remember my phone number from college, 30 years ago.)

I worry that sending Christmas cards might become a lost art, as has so many other things that people give up. I am proud to say that my nephew and my two nieces have both sent cards so I do have hope!

I love hearing from people I don't see on a regular basis. Doc Coatney was a man I met in college while I was Governor of Missouri-Arkansas Circle K in the 70s. Each year he'd pen a note to Bob and me telling us how proud he was of our accomplishments and how he looked forward to our letters. Al, a good Circle K friend, sends us a card to let us know how he is, and so does David, who was in a country rock band with Bob. Both these men knew us at strange times in our lives and to stay connected to them keeps that time alive and well, and Bob and I, well, YOUTHFUL.

Here is our card for this year. I love picture cards! The top photo is of Ashley and Eric at the beach in Alabama and the lower picture is of Bob and me at a party. I love the simplicity of the plaid and the greenery and the simple Merry Christmas.
I sent these to close family and to long distance friends. I send every one else cards that I have picked up from here and there. I probably use 4-5 different ones through out the season! There are far too many cute ones to settle for just one!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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