Reason for the Season

I have a special love for the holy family. My favorite mass is the mass following Christmas where they bless the families and the mass centers around Mary. Because of this, I also have a fondness for nativities.

Growing up my Grandmother Oliver had the most lovely Nativity scene I had (or have) ever seen. The pieces were large and colorful, yet were subtle in design. The wise men and their camels were studded with jewels, yet the peace on Mary's face is evident and Joseph's love is shining through these pieces of ceramic.

I have tried to have a nativity set in every room of my house. I am taking this collection slow, as I want each one to reflect in some way my love for the holy family.

The top nativity came to me from the school I just left as principal. The "administrator gift committee" gave this to me, not out of love for the season or for me, but because they assumed I wasn't a Christian when I refused to have a winter concert at night. I was fighting to have our concerts in the day time because I wanted ALL MY STUDENTS to have the opportunity to perform. It seems that when you have kids in the forefront, you can be considered a Non-Christian.

The following came from Mexico. I loved the take on the manger scene!

There isn't anything you can say about this one... a snowman nativity scene?

My mother in law painted the pieces to this set and my father in law made the manger. It is the most special set in our home. Every year Ashley places the pieces in and around the manger. She still loves to do it, even at the ripe age of 22.

This porcelain piece comes from Partylite Candles. It is especially beautiful when the candle is lit (which I thought it was).

This darling little nativity I got at the auction of one of my PEO sisters who had passed on. This little piece caught my eye (along with a mink for Ashley) and I would have paid much more than the dollar I paid for it. It is from Italy and was blessed by the Pope!

This last nativity ornament was made by the neighbor boys across the street. There are four of them in one family. They manage to leave their baseballs, bikes, trikes, etc., all over our yard. One time the littlest one stuffed our water run-off drain with plastic playground balls. After the basement flooded three times the county finally came out and snaked it. That prank cost us $3000 if you consider the concrete work, new carpet and pad that had to be replaced. But the minute those cute, smudged faces came over with cookies and this ornament, all was instantly forgiven.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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