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Aunt Frances' Desk

Bob's great aunt Frances was quite the woman. Widowed in her 20's, she never remarried and kept the family business, oil, going all by herself. Rumored to be worth millions, she left the majority of her assets to the Catholic church. We however, were the lucky ones who were the recipient of her desk, where she corresponded and did her business tasks. Almost better than money itself!

I like to use this desk to do my birthday and christmas cards. Right now I have Ashley's Save the Date cards ready to send, all from this lovely desk.

Robyn sent me the darling folders, Tammy made the tag that is peeking from the folders, Kerry made the darling calendar, and Sharon made the adorable post it note holder. Linda, my bunco friend, gave me the sweet box to the left of the folders.

It is easy to write when you are surrounded by so much love!
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