Welcome to my Neighborhood!

I decided to participate in this cute event sponsored by The Open Window (you can access her blog on the right). I hope you will love getting to know Jefferson City!

We live in our state's capital and love this experience. Here is one of our favorite pictures of the capitol.

Here is the entrance into our subdivision. Lakewood was built in the 80s as a premier county residence. The houses around the lake are the oldest, built in the early 80s. Most are ranch style and are being remodeled. My part of the subdivision is about 10 years old.

There is an actual lake in Lakewood! This is how we who do not live on the lake can access it. There is a darling shelter where we can have picnics or other get togethers.

The following three houses are on my cul de sac. We live on the corner lot of Foxtrail Circle and Lakewood Road. They are all great neighbors! You can see our rose garden in the last photo.

You can see our house in the upper right hand corner!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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