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Pay It Forward Give Away

I won these delightful tags on Bailiwick Designs blog give away. It was called a Pay It Forward give away. I promised to give a handmade gift to the first three comments on this post. In turn you must promise to give the first three posters on your post a handmade gift. I will give each recipient three handmade cards. My cards are made from recycled cards and I am eager to share them with you. Happy posting!

Please check out this delightful blog at:

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  1. Oh this sounds interesting. Can I play?

  2. yeah, I am number two!!

  3. I'm #3, Terri!


  4. Congrats to those first 3! See? I am always a day late and a number short! : ) But I am tickled for those who were quick!
    Homemade gifts are always sweet!


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