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Ahhh... a wedding!

Aren't weddings fun?

Being six months away from my own daughter's gala affair, I find myself eagerly awaiting the various weddings we have been invited to this fall. We are of the age where all our friends' children are getting married. It is a fun time of life.

Yesterday Bob and I attended the wedding of his secretary's daughter. They were married in Eldon, in a church that their family helped build many years ago. There was a stained glass window with the family name on it. The bride had six attendents and two candlelighters and a flower girl who refused to wear her shoes.

The colors were black and white and gold. Very striking and classy. The flowers were long stemmed calla lilies and stargazer lilies. The music was incredible, with two of the finest singers I have heard in a long while. It is amazing how the music can make or break the ceremony.

The reception was back in Jefferson City at the Eagles. I didn't think the location was very romantic until I saw the decorations and how much that does for a place! The tables were covered with white table cloths and black overlays. There were tall vases of black and white rocks and calla lilies scattered around. There were various sizes of cocktail glasses filled with black and white glass pieces and floating candles. Posh!

The food was good and the cake soooo pretty! We danced away the night and had a great time!

I am looking for all kinds of things to do at Ashley's wedding so pass on your favorite wedding tips....

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  1. How fun to get to plan a wedding!! I got to plan my son's, his future in-laws didn't care (and didn't want to pay for anything either).

    My goal for the whole event was to keep it happy and casual and fun, while still being pretty and memorable. Nothing stuffy, nothing expensive that I would regreat later.

    So that is my best advice, don't get so wrapped up in the details that you can't enjoy it, or that you pay so much for it all you shouldn't enjoy it.

  2. It sounds like it was very elegant indeed. I love the calla lilly idea :)

  3. I love weddings. My girls wore black dresses (and every single one of them have worn the dress again!) My mom wore red which took a lot of convincing. She looks fabulous in red and my sister and I were bound and determined she would wear it. So my colors were black and white with red accents. I carried magnolias and red roses. I even had red glass grapes in my bouquet. Do you do a cookie table? We had 3 tables of cookies set up and had gift bags with our name and anniversary date printed on them so that guests could take cookies home at the end of the evening. Much easier to carry a bag than a plate.


  4. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Mr. Soon-to-be-Silver Bell and I walked through our favorite gardens yesterday and a wedding was about to take place. Just lovely, perfect weather, wished it were mine. :)

  5. I love weddings! I will be attending one towards the end of October. I'll take pictures and post on my blog. Be sure and check back at the end of the month! Have a great week!

  6. How very nice that you have some weddings to go to! I love weddings and some day I will have a 'real wedding' with the dress and all the little etcs. One day!

  7. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I understand. April is getting married in Oct. She is going pretty simple,but like you I love being on the lookout! Congrats and goodluck.

  8. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Teri ~ I merely changed the title on my current blog, not the blog itself. Somehow, the old title appeared under a blogspot.com address, but was used as a ruse for not nice material. I contacted blogger.com through email and after several days, apparently they were able to remove it. I had no idea, until a friend was checking old links, found it, and let me know. Lord knows how it happened as it wasn't as if I left an unattended blog, it just changed in name. It totally creeped me out.

  9. Sounds like a very nice wedding. I haven't been to one I didn't like though. Who can go wrong with food, cake and dancing?

  10. I love weddings and ours is just over a month away. We are into the really busy time, right now!

    That cake is beautiful. It sounds like you attended a gorgeous wedding.



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