Thankful Thursday

I saw this on The Open Window and decided to participate this week. There are so many great ideas in this cyber world! How did we get along before computers?

So.... my list starts out with....

1. Computers and the cyber world! I have met so many wonderful people on the web. People I know would not have crossed my path any other way. God bless you!

2. One day on my diet that went well! I was able to reach my goals for my first day: no eating after 8 pm, 6 glasses of water, taking more steps and eating healthy choices, even if I ate too much.

3. Daughters! I feel blessed to have Ashley in my life. She is a constant joy even when she complains about friends who don't show up to go jogging with her. She called me to complain about that. My first thought was, "lucky girl, now you don't have to go run" but that didn't seem to make her feel better...

4. Mommas. I am so lucky to have mine still around!

5. Cats. I take my dear Bustopher for granted. After reading the sad posts on My Messy Thrilling Life about the passing of her cat, I have decided to love on him as much as possible. I kinda thought Bustopher was annoying at times... he does the same thing as Mae... sits by me when I eat, lays on me when I am on the couch, sleeps with me at night... so I am going to enjoy this more and complain less...

6. Life! I am always grateful I have been blessed with one more day! Thank you God for lifting me up each and every day!

(flowers from my mom's garden)

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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