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I have counted and I have 54 drawers in my house. All of them are messy and junky. So, I have decided to clean and organize one drawer a week until all of them are junk free and organized. This is the kind of thing I can do without getting overwhelmed.
Eight of the drawers belong to my daughter, Ashley. I am considering having her clean those but with all that is going on in her life, (wedding and college graduation) I am not sure they would get done before she moves out.

I have told my mother my plan, who immediately counted her drawers and proudly noted that she only has 20 drawers. Hers, too, are disorganized and junky and knowing my mom, will have them all cleaned and organized by the end of the week.

I guess this is my New Year's Eve resolution four months early. I like having a head start on things.

Here's to clean drawers!

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  1. Can you believe it I only has 6 drawers...and yes they are junky. Well I am still living out of boxes..geesh! What do you expect..LOL! Great idea Terri.

  2. Neat idea! I will have to go count all my drawers and play along. I mean de-junk and organize.

  3. Are we counting kitchen and bedroom drawers? Because if we are - yuck! I have 48. Egads!!


  4. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Oh, I so need to do this too! Thank you for the motivation! Good luck with yours!


  5. Now you are making me feel so guilty! I have 42 drawers and they are all junky. Guess I know what I will do this weekend.


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