Dinner Parties!

Growing up I was often enraptured by the dinner parties I would see on TV. The women would cook beautiful meals dressed in stylish dresses and high heels. Their friends would come over just in time to eat the elegantly prepared meal. The men would go off into another room to sip cognac and smoke cigars while the women chatted in the LR. How the dishes got done, I don't know because you never saw anyone doing them.

Bob and I are hosting a dinner party on Sunday for two other couples new to Jefferson City. One is our neighbor across the street and the other is a teacher at his school, along with her husband. Bob is preparing pork loin that is encrusted with herbs from our herb garden, with a fresh mozzarella salad with garden tomatoes, couscous, and a root vegetable medley. I am in charge of dessert. We'll both be in khakis and white shirts, a much more casual affair than the one I described earlier. However, there is cognac and cigars planned for the guys on the covered back porch later and I am hoping to get to know the ladies better in the living room!

In the meantime, there is house cleaning to be done, shopping list to be made and executed and time for a bit of relaxation to be included. So, off to the store, and I'll share more with you later!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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