Dieting? or major life change

Ashley is getting married in six months. I need to lose some weight, ok, a lot of weight in order to look the way I'd like to look in her pictures. I need to lose weight for my health, too.

I am taking blood pressure meds and med for my thyroid. I could cut out the blood pressure meds even if I just lost 20 pounds. Why is it so hard to get motivated? Shouldn't my health be motivation enough?

On Dr. Phil today he said something that struck me as so true: we wait for the major catastrophe before we do anything about it. My major catastrophe could be a stroke or a heart attack. What am I waiting for??

I have hired a dietician to help me plan and create meals that appeal to me, keep me full and have flexibility enough for me to have a snack when I have the urge. She has helped me tremendously. I have found snacks that will appeal to me whatever the urge and hopefully will help me stay on track.

So, I am publicly stating that as of today I have started my major life change. I will be choosing better foods for snacks, evaluating my hunger better and moving more. Hopefully you will see a significant change over the next few weeks. All you praying people add me to your list... I am gonna need it!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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