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Dieting? or major life change

Ashley is getting married in six months. I need to lose some weight, ok, a lot of weight in order to look the way I'd like to look in her pictures. I need to lose weight for my health, too.

I am taking blood pressure meds and med for my thyroid. I could cut out the blood pressure meds even if I just lost 20 pounds. Why is it so hard to get motivated? Shouldn't my health be motivation enough?

On Dr. Phil today he said something that struck me as so true: we wait for the major catastrophe before we do anything about it. My major catastrophe could be a stroke or a heart attack. What am I waiting for??

I have hired a dietician to help me plan and create meals that appeal to me, keep me full and have flexibility enough for me to have a snack when I have the urge. She has helped me tremendously. I have found snacks that will appeal to me whatever the urge and hopefully will help me stay on track.

So, I am publicly stating that as of today I have started my major life change. I will be choosing better foods for snacks, evaluating my hunger better and moving more. Hopefully you will see a significant change over the next few weeks. All you praying people add me to your list... I am gonna need it!


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  1. I think it's human nature to wait until something drastic happens before we make a change in our lifestyles...we always think "that won't happen to me". Good for you for not waiting for that to happen...hiring a dietitian certainly was a great idea and I do wish you the very best of luck in losing weight. xox

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Teri ~ I do my best to get in as many vegetables, grains, protein, fruits in any given day. The best way for me is in combinations, like the cheese tortellini salad with fresh carrots, peas, and broccoli, or a salad, or subsandwich. Lean Cuisines are really good to. And then, there are times for chocolate. :) Yes, I am an English Instructor, college level. But I don't always proofread my blog writing. ;)

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I think it's human nature to put off what we really don't enjoy doing and I know I enjoy eating!!

    Good luck!! I know you can do this!!


  4. Terri,
    I am here to support you in your new life style change...to eat better for your health and to achieve the look you want for your daughters wedding...I can tell you from the 2 weddings we have had with our children...it is one of the BEST motivators...I agree with you...why do we wait...why do we only think about how it will make us look...but I know it to be true within myself...and others...call it vanity...call it whatever...there isn't anything I found that motivated me more than my childrens weddings...SO, that being said...good luck...I know you are going to do it...and the best part of it...will not be how you look...but in how you feel...and that you will have a longer life b/c of it...so you will continue to look good and feel good for those grandchildren...you're smart to do this! I just wish I had motivation...maybe I'll try along with you...and we can support each other...plus walking on my treadmill and Curves really helped me...I didn't have to loose that much weight...but I needed to tone up and loose some...and I felt so much better...and I really need to do that more now than ever...heart disease is a big factor in my life...so I need to do it for my health more than anything!

    Blessings...and prayers for you to succeed!


  5. I have every confidence that you can do whatever you set your mind to, Terri! Your resolve amazes me!

  6. I have been trying the past few months to lose weight. So far I have gone down 2 slack sizes but can't see it yet. When I get hungry I go microwave some popcorn. Can't wait to not look fat! Sounds like you are on the right track and prayers going up for you.

  7. Oh honey, I hear ya! I was grossly overweight. I was classified as morbidly obese. I had to exercise to lose weight but before I could exercise I had to lose weight. It was a Catch 22. Then when my ankle surgeon told me that by the time I was 40 I would be crippled, I decided I needed help. I have so much arthritis in my bones I ached every minute of the day. I had vertical banded gastroplasty. Almost like the bypass but I'm still anatomically the same. I'm proud to say that I lost 90 pounds. But according to the charts - hate those little suckers - I still need to lose 50 pounds. BUT, I'm happy where I am. I feel great. Going to the extreme like I did, is probably not in the cards for you. But I was EXTREMELY overweight. I couldn't climb a half flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, let alone the entire flight.

    So, rest assured. I will pray for you. I will pray that the Holy Spirit comes upon you to take away your habits, to give you the will power you need to do this. It will happen, honey! Just have faith!!


  8. I'm here to support you in any way possible. I think we need to form a little accountable group. I know that if I have someone in the trenches with me it makes it a lot more easier. Please share with us any yummy low cal, low fat recipes you get. Have fun moving and shaking!

  9. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Goodluck! I will pray for you. I need to shed alot too. I eat when im upset and life has been crazy here. Pray for me too.

  10. OH Terri! You and I are in the same boat girly! I will be your life change partner...what do you say! I too need to lose not only to be comfortable BUT to get fit and healthy! I am miserable and tired all the time...I need to do something!

  11. Oh, I need to do this so much. Good for you and good luck!

  12. You do it , I am a 33 year old daughter and my mum is 65, I have 2 children 8 & 10. My mum has always been in good health and has loved me dearly and helped me with my children by providing grandparent help!, I feel truely blessed to have my mum and I feel truely blessed that my children have time with my mum and have got to know mum as their grandma. Every oppertunity I tell my mum I love her and hug her and tell her she is the best mum in the world. I am aware that you have to value everyday ,and sometimes when I am sad , I think to myself i couldnt imagine a life without my mum but I know i will cherish lots of good memories & love. So you do it for your husband, & your family, your daughter ,like me ,will need your grandparent love & wisdom as well as you. So make sure you do it. You look from from your blog that you have a lovely full life & special people with you along the way. Remove all temptation along the way!, if its not in the cupboards!. I love reading your blog so keep up with it.
    I could feel myself getting sentimental writing this!

    Much love x

    ps I manage to get doctor phil in England , he is great

  13. I am in on this with you. A couple of years ago I was having great success at Curves, losing weight, but even better, getting toned and tighter...then my heart started doing funky things and I had to stop...Our Dads passed away...LIFE happened! Arrgghh...
    Now, I , too am ready to face the ugly truth again...that weight came back and brought friends to the party.
    I am going to get back to Curves and get my motivation back, (I now have meds to control the heart troubles).
    So, you are in my prayers and I'd love it if you prayed for me every once in a while.

  14. You go girl...You can do it!!

  15. The very best of luck to you. To say losing weight is a huge challenge is a major understatement. Keep us posted and I bet you will inspire others to follow your lead.


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