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Tag: I am It!

Anne at Momma's Place tagged me and Robyn to tell 7 things about ourselves that no one else knows.... gonna be kinda hard since I have been married for 30 years (we celebrated our 30th on June 18!) but I am going to give it a try!

1. I have a secret ambition to write a children's book.

2. I think I look a little Oriental and it bothers me some because both my mom and dad have blue eyes and I have brown....

3. I would like to start classes for my PhD but I am too lazy to do so.

4. I love macaroni and tomatoes (just plain elbow macaroni with a can of petite diced tomatoes stirred in and a teaspoon of sugar).

5. I loved teaching and sometimes wish I hadn't gone into administration.

6. I wanted to name my daughter Natalie at one time.

7. I leave my mail in the mailbox overnight.

I can tag 7 or less people to play and since Anne tagged Robyn, I think I'll ask SuzyQ to do this one! She is hilarious and I know it will be a fun read!

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