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First Tailgate of the Season!

Bob and I have been tailgating at MU games for nearly 30 years. We upped the ante on our tailgating about 10 years ago when we purchased specific equipment, decorations and a tent for our tailgating and created some recipes that appear at each of our tailgates. Ashley brings her college friends, we invite our college friends and we have a great time before the game. About an hour before game time we load up, clean up and walk to the stadium. A good time is had by all.

Today, though, Ashley was involved in Bid Day (she's a Kappa Delta!) and one couple had some illness in the family and it just turned out to be Bob and me. That hasn't happened in a great while!

So, instead of our usual menu, we decided to grill some Swiss Company brats (apple and cinnamon ones!) and keep the menu simple. We still got out some of our stuff but we just sat out, enjoyed the 60 degree day and sipped on hot chocolate and coffee. Here we are just loving our day!
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