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Book Review Sunday: French by Heart

French by Heart: An American Family's Adventures in La Belle France by Rebecca Ramsey is a charming tale of how a typical American family finds life in France. All the horror stories we hear of how much French people hate Americans seem not to be true if Mrs. Ramsey is to be believed. Her account of how she learns to stay American in a French culture is interesting, sweet, and humorous. She describes the food, the art, the countryside, road trips, her neighbors... all in such a way that makes one desire to do the same: pack up and move to France!

Her description of being in France during 9-11 is poignant.

I read this book quickly as I was very interested in how she would end her story. It is a book that I will pick up again to savor more slowly! I love memoirs

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  1. You know how to pique interest, my friend!

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    This looks like a delightful book Terri - thank you.

  3. At least you get to read! I have two or three novels collecting dust that I desperately want to read but every time I tell myself that I should sit down in the family room - dogs cuddled by my feet, a cat sitting on my shoulder, the fireplace warming my toes - I boot up this darned machine and get lost!

    Note to self: click the icon in the lower left corner of the screen, pick "shut down", close lid and walk away!

  4. I always like to hear another person's take on a book. It sounds like a good read, Thanks, DebraK

    Thanks for heading me over to Pat, Back proch to check out her kitchen redo.

  5. Oh, I will add this to my wish list! It sounds terrific! (I love France, by the way, and sometimes dream of moving there!)
    As for your comment, glad you liked my jewelry wreath! I 'found' the heart shape in the garage!!!LOL. I had almost forgotten it...;) I purchased it years ago in a flower shop, but I'm pretty sure craft stores as Michaels have similar ones in stock!

  6. Anonymous1:01 PM

    So glad to hear you are a a pearl lover, too. Yes, moving so that I am five minutes rather than an hour from work. :)

  7. Thanks for posting this review! I've read several similar books, and I had never heard of this one!

  8. Looks good. I'm still looking for a good book...will have to check this out at the library.

  9. I'd have to hide this book...HH is not a big fan of the french;)

  10. You sweet thing!
    How did I miss that you reviewed my book?
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
    Give yourself a big hug for me!


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