Book Review Sunday: French by Heart

French by Heart: An American Family's Adventures in La Belle France by Rebecca Ramsey is a charming tale of how a typical American family finds life in France. All the horror stories we hear of how much French people hate Americans seem not to be true if Mrs. Ramsey is to be believed. Her account of how she learns to stay American in a French culture is interesting, sweet, and humorous. She describes the food, the art, the countryside, road trips, her neighbors... all in such a way that makes one desire to do the same: pack up and move to France!

Her description of being in France during 9-11 is poignant.

I read this book quickly as I was very interested in how she would end her story. It is a book that I will pick up again to savor more slowly! I love memoirs

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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