Trim a Home Tuesday!

The Southern Hostess is hosting Trim A Home Tuesdays starting today! You post your holiday decor on each Tuesday. Go to Southern Hostess and leave a post that you are participating so we know who to come and visit!

Last week I showed some of my Valentine's decorations. This week I am showing you a bit more. Will you take down your Valentine's day things on Sunday and put up your St. Patrick's Day things? We will only get to decorate for Easter for a couple of weeks if we do it that way because Easter is in early April this year.

Let me know if you are participating so I can come and visit you!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    What pretty decorations Terri. Thanks for sharing such festive photos this a.m.

  2. OH, Shoot...I missed it ! Here in Blogland, we need some kind of NOTIFICATION OF FUN THINGS because there is NO WAY I can get around to everyone I want to. Then, I am always finding things I missed out on because I didn't know about them. Oh, well, I don't really have any V. decorations so it's ok just to see your pretty ones. ;O)
    hugs, bj

  3. Hi Terri!! I just have a skootch of Valentine's in my hutch.

    I loved looking at the photos of the get togethers that you hosted...all that food looks yummy!

  4. I love the conversation hearts-so beautiful!

    I just posted the Trim A Home Tuesday post-go and post a comment on the post so everyone knows you have these pics up. Thanks for joining!

  5. Very nice...and I love your curtains!

  6. Yes, I will take down my two Valentine Decorations on Sunday. LOL! I do not decorate for St. Patrick's Day even if green is John's favorite color. I do enjoy decorating for Easter so will probably do that about two weeks in advance...nothing exciting, but I do want a rabbit this year from TJ Maxx, if I can find one. If not, a garden one will do.

  7. Love your Valentine decorations! I don't put any up. I'll just look at yours!

  8. You're making me wish I had decorated for Valentine! lol I don't do that anymore, not since the boys moved out. When I was at Hallmark the other day, I noticed they had such delightful Valentine decorations for sale but I didn't dare buy any, I'm running out of room! xoxo

  9. Terri, I don't see mine. I am having a bit of a problem posting. Yikes!

    I love your touches!

  10. Thanks for popping by my blog. I came back by and looked at your Things You've Done list". Very've done a lot too and you are correct, if you just took a trip to'd add a whole lot more things to the list. Oh well...something to look forward to and dream about. :)

  11. Hi Terri,
    You have some really pretty valentine decor. I always love coming by. Cindy

  12. Your home looks so pretty all decked out for Valentine's! I am a bit lazy, and haven't really put much of anything up.

    Now I'm looking around and thinking maybe I should have!!

    Thanks for the tour!



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