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Foodie Friday

I am joining this new adventure on Fridays as Bob and I are "food snobs" if you listen to our daughter, Ashley. It is hosted by Designs by Gollum so you should go and check out the other posts on food, too! We love the whole food experience: from gardening and growing our own vegetables and herbs, to preparing and cooking, to the wonderful art of eating!

One of my favorite food passions is Tastefully Simple. No, I am not a sales rep but I do enjoy many of their products. If you haven't tried them, it is worth your time.
One of our favorite activities is to host a party. Parties are sampling parties, where the hostess makes a few of the products and your guests get to try them! It is so much fun.

My favorite products: Bountiful Beer Bread (although I now have my own super simple beer bread recipe), Perfect Parmesan Biscuits, Garlic Garlic, Pine Nut and Basil Pesto, and Spinach and Herb Spice Mix (fabulous on eggs!).

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  1. Hmmm, I have a good beer bread recipe, too. We should get together and share... ;>

  2. I haven't tried these products, but they sound like a lot of fun, especially with the party. Would you recommend Bountiful beer bread first? Thank you for coming to our potluck!!

  3. Lordy girl....you are making me hungry!!!!!!!

  4. I've not heard of this product line, but I'm going to check it out. I love beer bread! And the spinach and herb mix sounds interesting. Kathy

  5. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I haven't heard of this line of products either. I'm not a food snob but I enjoy food especially if someone else does the cooking. :>)

  6. Thanks for sharing good tips on where to find great food.


  7. Terri,

    My sister in law has gone to some of the Tastefully Simple parties and loves them. She made a dip at Christmas that was just delishious. I don't blame you for hosting the parties! Yum!!


  8. I too love Tastefully Simple. But I'm not sure that anyone sells it down here. Anytime I talk about it no one has ever heard of it.

  9. I don't think we have this brand out here in West Texas.Beer bread sounds delicious..I have a recipe for Beer Hush Puppies...they are great!!

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for you comments on my blog. I've never had beer bread, but it sure sound like something the Irish side of my family would love. ;) Hope you get to try the Peach Kuchen.


  11. Not familiar with it either..but will check it out!
    Happy Foodie Friday!


  12. Next time I have a tea party, you're invited. I'm actually having one of those birthdays that end with a zero this year, and have decided to do a few parties so friends and family can help me mourn, or is that celebrate??? One of them is definitely going to be a tea. Hope to see you next FF...Nancy

  13. The beer bread is my favorite!
    Your blog always makes me hungry:)


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