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Bunco Babes!

I hosted our February Bunco game at our house on Sunday. Since the house was already cleaned from the Delta Kappa Gamma tea, it worked really well!

We had some food leftover from the tea and we made friendship soup, which I will post about later this week. The food table looked good! I made some chocolate covered strawberries, baked enchilada dip, crab dip and fresh veggies.

The game is played with dice and has specific rules, which seem to be somewhat regional. Here are our tables...

Our group is a very talented crafty group so we have made a special pencil holder, a scrapbook that houses a copy of our invitation and attendance for that month, and a cute little "records" book.

Here are the Bunco Babes! We gave each other valentines tonight and Charlotte gave us goodie bags that had valentine socks, a package of sweethearts and a red heart with a candy heart inside it.

We have the best time together!

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  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Sounds like a fun time! The food looks delicious and I look forward to the recipe later.

  2. I went out with a group of girls Friday night. They were talking that now that I'm around they should have enough girls to have 4 tables. I've never played before, but it looks like you all have fun! And the food looks yummy too. Especially the strawberries. I just asked David today what he was going to do because I wouldn't get my chocolate covered strawberries this year from Chez Monet!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I want to join, too! I'd love the recipe for the enchilada dip. Sounds like something my family would love.

  4. Hi Bunco Babe

    Your friends look like a fun group and the food tonight looked yummy. I'd love the recipe for the soup.


  5. Oh that looks so much fun and the food really looks good, yum, yum, Cindy

  6. You are such a "people person"!

    How fun to have all of those sweet talented people over.

    Your set up is impressive.


  7. Terri, you are amazing....but I have known that for a while now.

    Looks like so much fun!

  8. Another successful event! You decorate so well, some day you need to teach me your ways.

  9. I love love love playing this game. I don't belong to a group but I set in for missing ones at daughter;s group. So fun and the food is always out of this world...

  10. You really entertain a lot! I hardly do anything! The food looks delish!


  11. I want to come to this tea party! No fair :)

  12. I love Bunco, though I haven't played it in years.
    You wouldn't believe some of the conversations that we had over the dice:o
    Fun Times!!

  13. I envy all of these wonderful girl parties you have had!! You look like such a fun group...wish I lived closer and could participate!
    Save some of the chicken salad for me!! : )



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