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A Valentine's Day Tea

(Ashley and I at the food table!)

I hosted our chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma at my house for our February meeting. We always have food at our meetings. This time I decided our theme would be a Valentine's Day tea.

My friends Ashley, Jan, Charlotte, Linda, and Julia helped me with the food. I made pumpkin bread, Jan made pound cake, Charlotte made cookies, Linda made cookies, and Ashley made these awesome croissant chicken salad sandwiches. The recipe included madarin oranges, grapes and almonds. Julia made chicken salad, too, that was served on homemade cottage bread. We had an assortment of teas, coffee, lemonaide and water!

We had 25 members at the house. That is a lot of people for my living room. I think I used nearly every chair in my house!

You can see most of us here. Some of us were in the entryway and some in the kitchen!
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