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Girl Scout Cookie Time!

As a principal of an elementary school, every Girl Scout in the school asks me to buy Girl Scout cookies. And I say yes to every single one! So, right now I have six boxes of Thin Mints, one box of Lemonades, two boxes of Peanut Butter patties, one box of Daisies, three boxes of Shortbread and I think, one box of Samoas. My favorite: Thin Mints, in case you couldn't tell.

My favorite way to eat them is to freeze them. I love to take them directly out of the freezer and pop one into my mouth. Cold minty goodness!

I bought an extra box of them so I could try this recipe:


2 packages (8 oz. size) instant chocolate pudding
3 tbsp. butter or margarine (melted)
1 pkg. (8 oz) softened cream cheese
1 pkg. Thin Mints (crushed)
4 cupped whipped topping
3 cups milk

Combine cookies with melted butter or margarine. (Save ¼ cup of cookies for topping). Press cookie mixture on bottom of 13" x 9" pan. Chill. Combine cream cheese with 1 cup whipped topping. Spread over cookie mixture. Chill 15 – 20 min. Prepare pudding and pour over cream cheese mixture. Chill 1 hour. Top with remaining whipped topping and Thin Mint cookie crumbs.

I am pretty certain that I won't have the extra box left, though.

I sold GS cookies when I was little. I was in GS as a Brownie, then a Cadet then a GS. I think I quit when I was 14. Ahhhh... the memories of GS camp, singing Make New Friends but Keep the Old and giving the friendship squeeze.

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  1. Oh Terri, I love the Girl Scout cookies too, especially the thin mints. This recipe sound sooo...good. Thanks! I remember going out with my daughter all those years selling them. BTW, I love them straight from the freezer too.


  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    My favorite is mint also and this recipe sounds yummy! I've never had any left to freeze!

  3. Oh, great, I just blogged about weight loss and skinny feet and I come over here to find out that those cute, little girls want me to buy cookies. Gee, cute, little girls, how can anyone resist?

  4. You are way too sweet.

    What a wonderful Principal you are.

    I so love those Thin Mints!!!!

  5. Terri, you are a good person! Wow, that is a lot of cookies.

    I buy them and then give them away. I don't want to be tempted. Yikes!

  6. Oh. my. I had no idea your girl scout cookie obsession had gotten so out of control. I definitely think you should invite me over for an eating party when they arrive at home!! Now I know why I love those cookies so much!

  7. My little neighbors come to sell to me every year. Can't wait for my pb patties and thin mints to arrive. I was a Girl Scout up to Seniors. Good times. :)

  8. I can't wait to get mine! It's a yearly highlight in our house...sad but true - LOL! Where is that girl scout anyway?? I think I'd better call her Mom.

  9. I WISH a girl scout would come sell me some cookies (Thin Mints)!! They never come here :(

  10. Thin mints are my absolute favorite too and I also love them right out of the freezer with a tall glass of milk. Oh my! The drool has started.


  11. I just got mine today at work! 1 box of thin mints!

  12. You know, I can't remember if I ordered any or not! How sad is that?

  13. ME TOO!! Thin Mints fresh out of the freezer. ))))))sigh(((((

  14. I loooooooooooove the peanut butter ones

  15. Oh No! I've already started eating my thin mints (a full sleeve the first day I got them)! I want to try the recipe. Since my daughter is a leader and my granddaughter is a Brownie, I think I'll be able to get an extra box. I'll just have to make the recipe BEFORE I even think about eating a cookie from the box! laurie

  16. My favorites are Thin Mints and Samoas...and I can't say no either. I mean...I need enough to last the whole year! LOL

  17. I love girl scout cookies!!!!! I'll work off the pounds later.


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