Frugal Luxuries #8

I love flowers. I love getting flowers and I love having flowers in my home.

However, my frugal self cringes at having a bouquet of flowers sitting on my table that cost over $40. I just would rather have a live rose bush!

I discovered this company while browsing the web. What a great concept! The idea of being able to pick up a bouquet of cut flowers for $5 and artfully arrange them into a bouquet appeals to me greatly. I thought you might be as interested in it as I am!

Don't you want to make this?? I love it!

Bob has planted a rose garden for me over the years. I love going out to the garden and snipping off a branch of roses for the powder room or my bedroom. Going to sleep with rose scent in your nose is definitely a frugal luxury!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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