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Frugal Luxuries #8

I love flowers. I love getting flowers and I love having flowers in my home.

However, my frugal self cringes at having a bouquet of flowers sitting on my table that cost over $40. I just would rather have a live rose bush!

I discovered this company while browsing the web. What a great concept! The idea of being able to pick up a bouquet of cut flowers for $5 and artfully arrange them into a bouquet appeals to me greatly. I thought you might be as interested in it as I am!

Don't you want to make this?? I love it!

Bob has planted a rose garden for me over the years. I love going out to the garden and snipping off a branch of roses for the powder room or my bedroom. Going to sleep with rose scent in your nose is definitely a frugal luxury!

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  1. I love the frugal flowers idea. I buy $5.00 bouquets for myself all throughout the winter...so this right up my alley! Thanks for sharing this. The cake is really pretty.

  2. that rose "cake" is wonderful! I'm going now to check it out - thanks for posting the link!

    happy pink saturday!

  3. I do love LOVE fresh flowers. Aside from my 40th birthday, I NEVER get them. We are fortunate to have an Evergreen store in Kirksville (I know there is one at the lake too) that carry artificial flowers at not a bad price. I don't get there much because they are a little pricy but their stuff is beautiful. The have the sweetest little nosegays that are perfect for vases and tables. However, nothing really beats fresh picked daisies for me!!

  4. My favorite (and very frugal) flowers in the spring are just branches. Branches from Dogwoods, Forsythia and even Honeysuckle, look great in a big clear vase.

  5. That cake is so lovely...I definitely want to see it again when you make one!

    That site was very interesting. Going through the gallery photos was so enjoyable and all the fresh flowers that I can afford today. ;>

  6. Gorgeous cake!


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